Will there be a Venom 3?

Will there be a Venom 3?

30 Sec Answer: We can only speculate at this point, but it looks like there is potential for a third Venom movie to be in the works.

Will There Be A Venom 3?

The world of comic book adaptations continues to surprise and excite fans as Marvel’s iconic characters have been brought to life on the big screen. One of these exciting characters is Venom, an alien symbiote from outer space who bonds with humans to become an unstoppable force of nature. The first two movies in the series were huge successes, grossing over $1 billion combined. As such, many fans are wondering if there will be a third installment in the franchise. In this article, we’ll explore all that we know so far about the possibility of a Venom 3.

What Do We Know About ‘Venom 2’?

The second film in the Venom franchise, simply titled "Venom 2", was officially announced by Sony Pictures in January 2020 and is currently slated for release in October 2021. Tom Hardy will once again be reprising his role as Eddie Brock/Venom and Andy Serkis has signed on to direct the sequel. It has also been reported that Woody Harrelson will appear in a villainous role as Carnage, another symbiote-enhanced character from the Spider-Man universe. Other than that, not much else is known about the plot or other casting details for the upcoming sequel.

Who Would Be The Villain For Venom 3?

One of the biggest questions surrounding a potential Venom 3 is who would be playing the villain? Since Carnage is set to make his debut in Venom 2, it stands to reason that he may become the primary antagonist of any further sequels in the franchise. However, given that he is one of Spider-Man’s greatest villains and one of Venom’s oldest enemies, it is entirely possible that another classic bad guy could enter into the picture for a third installment. Some fan favorites that could potentially show up include Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, Kraven The Hunter and even possibly The Sinister Six!

Could Tom Holland Appear In A Future Venom Film?

Another popular theory amongst fans revolves around whether or not we could see Tom Holland make an appearance as Peter Parker/Spider-Man in future installments of the franchise. After all, since Sony owns both franchises, it wouldn’t be impossible for them to team up for some kind of crossover event. This would certainly give Marvel Studios an opportunity to bring together its entire lineup of characters for something truly epic and memorable. While nothing has been confirmed yet, it does seem like a very real possibility down the road.

How Could A Third Movie Expand On The Mythology?

It goes without saying that any future sequels would need to find ways to expand upon what has already been established within the world of Venom. This could mean introducing new characters and villains or exploring more fully Eddie Brock’s relationship with his alien symbiote partner. Additionally, with rumors swirling about various spin-off projects such as those centered around Morbius and Kraven The Hunter, there is always a chance that these stories could intersect with each other creating one massive narrative arc full of surprises and twists!

What Could A Potential Storyline Look Like?

If a third film did move forward then it would likely follow directly after whatever happens at the end of Venom 2. It is believed that this second installment will focus heavily on Eddie Brock’s journey towards self-discovery and accepting himself as both human and symbiote but what comes next remains unknown for now. One thing we do know though is that things won’t stay peaceful for long when Carnage arrives onto the scene seeking revenge against everyone involved with trapping him away for so many years!

What New Characters Could Show Up?

As mentioned earlier, if Marvel does decide to move forward with a third film then there could be room for some fresh faces within the mix too. We already know Woody Harrelson will be portraying Carnage which means his son Cletus Kasady may also get some screen time as well; another character whose name has been floating around quite frequently recently is Lady Hellbender who might serve as an interesting ally or foe depending on which direction they decide to take her story in!

What Are Fans Saying About A Possible Sequel?

Given how successful both films have been thus far it isn’t surprising that fans are eager to get their hands on any news regarding a potential sequel. Some believe that there should definitely be another installment while others think two films was enough; either way there’s no denying how excited people are whenever new information drops about this project!

Can We Expect To See More Of The Symbiotes?

It would make sense if any potential sequel continued to explore more of what makes symbiotes tick as well as their connection with humans like Eddie Brock/Venom; perhaps viewers could even expect cameos from some familiar faces such as Riot or Anti-Venom (who just so happen to be among some popular fan favorites). That being said though, only time will tell exactly what surprises await us should there ever come a day where we finally get our wish and witness yet another thrilling adventure featuring everyone’s favorite antihero: Venom!

Could An Animated Series Follow The Movies?

A few months ago rumors began circulating online suggesting Sony Pictures may soon be producing an animated series based off their existing cinematic universe; while this has yet to be officially confirmed by anyone involved with production at this stage there’s no denying how cool something like this could potentially turn out being! Not only would it provide us with even more content from within this beloved world but also introduce new characters who might eventually make appearances within live-action films down line if given enough time & resources – making for quite an exciting prospect indeed!

Is A Venom 3 Happening Anytime Soon?

At this moment in time it looks like everything still depends on how well received Venom 2 ends up being when it finally hits theaters later next year; regardless though there’s no denying how passionate fans are about wanting more adventures starring their favorite antihero – so let’s hope they get their wish soon enough because honestly speaking we can’t wait either!

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