Will there be a Spiderman 4?

Will there be a Spiderman 4?

30 Sec Answer: No, there is not likely to be a Spiderman 4 in the near future. The current iteration of the series has been rebooted and focused on the character of Miles Morales rather than Peter Parker as the main protagonist.


Since his first appearance in comic books way back in 1962, Spider-Man has become one of Marvel’s most beloved superheroes. Over the years, he has been portrayed by many actors in films, TV shows, and video games. But with each successive installment in the movie franchise, fans have wondered if they will ever get to see a fourth entry in the series. In this article, we’ll take a look at why it might be difficult for us to get a fourth Spiderman film anytime soon and what other possibilities exist for fans of the web-slinging hero.

The Reboot

The original trilogy starring Tobey Maguire ran from 2002 until 2007. After that, Sony Pictures decided to reboot the franchise with a new cast and story line. Andrew Garfield took over as Peter Parker/Spider-Man for 2012’s "The Amazing Spider-Man" and its 2014 sequel. This was followed by 2017’s "Spider-Man: Homecoming" which featured Tom Holland as the titular hero and brought Iron Man into the mix as well. However, after two sequels to this particular storyline, Sony and Marvel Studios (who produced "Homecoming") split up their collaboration due to disputes about money.

Into The Spiderverse

In 2018, Sony released "Into The Spiderverse," an animated feature film which saw multiple versions of Spider-Man from various dimensions teaming up to save New York City. It starred Shameik Moore as Miles Morales—the latest iteration of Spider-Man—and was met with critical acclaim and box office success. As a result, Sony has chosen to focus their attention on developing stories featuring Morales rather than going back to make another live action film starring Peter Parker.

Tom Holland’s Return?

Though Tom Holland is no longer involved with Sony or Marvel Studios’ version of Spider-Man, he could still return if they decide to move forward with another project involving him. Since Disney purchased Fox Studios earlier this year, it’s possible that they could strike some sort of deal between all three companies so that Holland could reprise his role again down the line. This would certainly be exciting news for fans who were disappointed when Sony/Marvel’s partnership ended abruptly.

The Morality Of A Fourth Installment

However, it’s important to consider whether or not it would actually be appropriate for there to be a fourth installment at this point in time. Although Spider-Man remains popular amongst both adults and children alike, there have been changes in societal norms since Maguire first donned the costume nearly two decades ago that may make revisiting this version of the hero potentially problematic now. Moreover, some argue that continuing with Holland’s interpretation would simply be retreading old ground rather than taking advantage of modern opportunities for creative growth within superhero media properties such as those found within Marvel Comics’ recent “Ultimate Universe” line or DC’s recent “Rebirth” initiative.

What Other Possibilities Exist?

For those who want more from Spider-Man beyond what we’ve seen thus far in theaters, there are plenty of other options available besides movies—namely comics, cartoons, toys, video games and other merchandise related to the character. Additionally, while we may never see another movie with Maguire or Garfield behind the mask anytime soon, we can always hope that someone else will eventually take up the mantle (as long as they do justice to the character). Until then though, it looks like fans of the wall crawler will have to content themselves with rewatching older films or diving into alternative forms of media featuring our favorite web slinger!


Overall, while there won’t likely be any plans for making a fourth traditional Spiderman movie anytime soon due to studio politics and changing times making certain stories inappropriate now; diehard fans can still find ways to enjoy all things related to Spidey through existing franchises such as ‘Into The Spiderverse’ along with comics, cartoons and more!

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