Who was the first Sith?

Who was the first Sith?

30 Sec Answer: The first Sith was a Dark Jedi known as Ajunta Pall who turned to the dark side and founded the original Sith Empire around 5000 BBY.


The Sith are an ancient order of Force-users with a long history in the galaxy. They have been active for millennia, going through numerous periods of growth and decline throughout their history. While the identity of the first Sith is not completely clear, it is believed that they were led by a Dark Jedi known as Ajunta Pall. He would go on to become one of the most powerful Sith Lords in history and is credited with founding the original Sith Empire around 5000 BBY.

Who Was Ajunta Pall?

Ajunta Pall was a Dark Jedi from around 6,000 BBY who had left the Jedi Order due to his radical views about the use of the Force. He was well-versed in the use of both Light Side and Dark Side abilities, allowing him to manipulate others to his will. It was during this period that he began forming what would eventually become known as the Sith Empire.

How Did He Form The Sith Empire?

Ajunta Pall used his power and influence over others to gather followers and form an army which he then used to conquer other worlds and expand his empire. As his territory grew, so did his power and knowledge of the dark side. Eventually, he declared himself Emperor of all Sith and made sure that only those loyal to him could access the true power of the dark side.

What Did The First Sith Empire Look Like?

The original Sith Empire was vast and spanned multiple star systems across thousands of light years. Its rulers wielded immense power over its citizens, controlling them through fear and intimidation. They also placed heavy restrictions on non-Sith Force users, making it nearly impossible for anyone outside of their ranks to gain access to their secrets or technology. In addition, they developed an array of new technologies including hyperdrive ships, superweapons, cloaking devices, and even cloning facilities.

What Was The Fate Of The First Sith Empire?

Unfortunately, despite its formidable might, the original Sith Empire ultimately fell apart due to internal strife among its own members. This allowed rival powers such as the Galactic Republic to slowly gain ground against them until they were eventually defeated in a series of wars known as the Great Hyperspace War in 4,900 BBY. Following their defeat, much of their knowledge was lost or destroyed as surviving members went into hiding or scattered throughout the galaxy.

What Remains Of The Original Sith?

Although much of their knowledge has been lost or forgotten over time, some aspects remain intact today such as their teachings on how to manipulate others using fear and intimidation. These tactics have since been adopted by various organizations including criminal gangs and even governments across the galaxy. Additionally, there are still isolated pockets of individuals who practice some form of dark side magic based on old Sith teachings although none are powerful enough to recreate what once existed thousands of years ago.


The legacy of Ajunta Pall lives on through those who follow his teachings today but few know exactly who he was or what happened to him after the fall of his empire thousands of years ago. His name may be forgotten but his impact on galactic history cannot be denied; he was truly the first Lord of all Sithkind and without him we wouldn’t have any idea what became one of history’s most iconic villains – Darth Vader himself!

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