Who was the first Jedi?

Who was the first Jedi?

30 Sec Answer: The first Jedi were the beings trained by the ancient race known as the Je’daii Order on the planet Tython, who existed before the formal establishment of the Jedi Order.


The term "Jedi" is one that has become well-known throughout pop culture due to its presence in movies and books such as Star Wars. But what many people don’t know is that the concept of a Jedi originated long before George Lucas created his iconic space opera. In fact, the first true Jedi may have been around thousands of years before Luke Skywalker was ever born. To understand where and when the Jedi first appeared, it’s important to take a look at the history of their predecessors – the Je’daii Order.

Who Were The Je’daii?

The Je’daii Order was an ancient society from the planet Tython which existed several thousand years before the formation of the Galactic Republic. These mysterious individuals believed that all living things contained an energy known as Force which could be used for both good and evil purposes. They sought to study and master this power through rigorous training, meditation, and trial by combat. In addition to their spiritual pursuits, they also developed weapons, starships, and other technologies. While they never became quite as powerful or influential as the later-formed Jedi Order, they are widely regarded as being among the earliest known users of Force abilities.

How Did The Je’daii Become The First Jedi?

While it is difficult to pinpoint exactly when or how the Je’daii transitioned into becoming full-fledged Jedi Knights, there are a few key points we can draw from available records. First, we know that during their time on Tython, they developed their own set of laws and guidelines in order to ensure balance within their society; these would eventually evolve into what would later become known as “the Code of the Jedi”. Secondly, it appears that some members of the Je’daii began travelling offworld in search of knowledge and new experiences; this likely contributed to their eventual spread across multiple planets in different star systems. Finally, we know that after leaving Tython, these same individuals started calling themselves “Jedi” instead of “Je’daii” – thus beginning their transition into becoming one of the most renowned groups in galactic history.

What Is Known About The Early Jedi?

Very little is known about the early days of the Jedi Order since much of their recorded history was lost following Palpatine’s rise to power. However, some basic facts have managed to survive throughout time; these include information regarding their training methods, code of ethics/conduct, and philosophy towards using Force abilities for protection rather than aggression or domination. It is also believed that Yoda himself had roots in this period as he was reportedly a member of an ancient order known as “the Grey Council” which predated even the early days of Sith rule over Coruscant.

Where Did The First Jedi Settle?

It is unclear where exactly the first Jedi settled after leaving Tython; however it appears they initially congregated on Ossus – a remote world located far beyond any major population centres at that time – in order to preserve their secrecy and protect themselves from outsiders who might not understand or accept them (and their abilities). From there they would continue expanding outward across different star systems while establishing new temples/centres devoted to teaching others how to use and control Force powers responsibly. It is worth noting that these early settlements often served double duty as places for reflection/meditation – something which remains a core tenet of modern-day Jedism even today.

How Was The Current Form Of The Jedi Created?

The current form of Jedism was shaped largely by three key figures in its early history: Odan-Urr (who helped rewrite its teachings); Nomi Sunrider (whose visions played a crucial role in establishing a formal code); and lastly Ooroo (a mysterious figure whose influence still lingers strongly within Jedism today). Collectively these individuals helped shape Jedism into what it is today by introducing concepts like balancing dark & light side energies; embracing compassion & empathy over anger/hatred; understanding one’s connection with nature & life forms; and ultimately creating a system which promotes harmony & peace between all sentient species within our galaxy.

What Are Some Of The Other Major Figures In Early Jedism?

In addition to those already mentioned above, there were many other key figures who played vital roles in shaping early Jedism. For example: Saesee Tiin – who established schools devoted specifically to studying battle tactics/strategy; Qui-Gon Jinn – who brought forth a more balanced approach between mind/body disciplines; Anakin Skywalker – whose actions helped spark hope amongst generations young & old alike; Mace Windu – who led reforms meant to make Jedis better prepared for war if necessary; Luminara Unduli – whose diplomatic work greatly increased communication between different factions; Jocasta Nu – who worked tirelessly developing archives containing millennia worth historical documents related to Jedism… just to name a few! Each individual added something unique & valuable which shaped what it means to be part of this grand legacy we now call Jedism.

How Has Jedism Changed Over Time?

Since its earliest beginnings thousands of years ago on Tython until now, Jedism has undergone numerous transformations based on changing political climates & beliefs held by its members at any given moment in time. During times like during Palpatine’s reign when darkness seemed imminent & oppressive forces ran rampant throughout various worlds; strong willed Jedis stood steadfast against such tyranny while still managing keep firm hold onto aspects that made them so great in first place (elements like honour & selflessness). Even today when tensions continue escalating among rival nations/galaxies due complex interdependencies between economies & societies, Jedis remain unwavering beacon hope providing guidance anyone willing seek out wisdom found only within light side Force energies available us all!


In conclusion then while it may be impossible definitively determine who exact ‘first jedi’ was–it is clear enough evidence exists point original practitioners having lived thousands years ago during time Je’daii Order planet Tython flourished prior emergence Galactic Republic era civilisation populated galaxies everywhere Star Wars stories take place today! This illustrious lineage provides incredible insight journey taken countless brave individuals over countless centuries pave way future paths yet come allow everyone reap benefits unlocked unlocking potential Power living beings collectively contain amazing universe inhabited–regardless side fall upon!

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