Who killed Medusa?

Who killed Medusa?

30 Sec Answer: It is not known for certain who killed Medusa, but some myths attribute it to the hero Perseus.

Who Killed Medusa?


Medusa is a legendary character from Greek mythology whose gruesome appearance and curse was said to have been passed down through generations. She had the power to turn people into stone with just one glance and was ultimately slain by the hero Perseus. But who really killed Medusa? This article aims to explore this question in detail and provide an answer that is based on both historical evidence and mythology.

Origins of Medusa

Medusa’s origins are largely shrouded in mystery. Some sources claim she was once a beautiful maiden until she angered Athena, goddess of wisdom, after boasting about her beauty. In revenge, Athena transformed Medusa into a hideous monster with writhing snakes instead of hair. Other sources suggest that Medusa was originally a sea-monster or a Gorgon born from the blood of Uranus, father of the gods. Regardless of her origin story, it is clear that Medusa possessed immense powers which made her dangerous and feared by all who encountered her.

Mythological Accounts

The most famous account of Medusa’s death comes from Ovid’s Metamorphoses where he recounts how the hero Perseus slew the monster with a shield fashioned from Hades’ helm of invisibility and a curved sword given to him by Hermes, messenger god. The tale goes that Perseus managed to avoid looking directly at Medusa by using his mirrored shield as a guide and decapitated her without turning to stone himself. However, there are other myths which tell different stories of Medusa’s demise.


In some accounts, it is suggested that Bellerophon, another mythical hero, killed Medusa using Pegasus as his steed while avoiding her petrifying gaze. He then flew away with her severed head in hand before anyone could lay claim to it. As no other details regarding this version are available however, this story remains somewhat controversial and unverified by historians.


Another possible killer of Medusa could be Cetus; a monstrous sea creature sent by Poseidon, god of the sea, to exact revenge upon Andromeda for refusing an offer of marriage from him. After slaying the beast with assistance from Athena and his own skillful weapons use, Perseus used Medusa’s head as a weapon against Cetus before finally killing it as well.

Historical Evidence

Historical evidence does not point conclusively to any single individual responsible for killing Medusa as much of what we know about her demise is based on mythological accounts which can often vary greatly depending on their source material. For example, some versions suggest that Perseus only managed to incapacitate rather than kill the Gorgon while others attribute her death solely to Bellerophon or even Cetus without any involvement from either man at all. Due to these inconsistencies, it is difficult to determine exactly who killed Medusa with absolute certainty.

Why Was She Killed?

It appears that each potential killer had their own reasons for wanting rid of Medusa; Perseus wanted vengeance for his family’s mistreatment while Bellerophon wished to gain glory in battle and Cetus sought revenge upon Andromeda for spurning his affections. Although they may have shared similar motives for slaying the monster, each would have likely approached their task differently resulting in differing accounts of how she eventually died.

Possible Explanations

Given the lack of concrete evidence surrounding Medusa’s death, there are several plausible explanations for why different characters might have been credited with ending her life over time such as; intentional omission or alteration due to cultural bias or personal beliefs; misinterpretation or exaggeration when recounting tales orally over long periods; or simply artistic license taken by ancient authors writing epic works such as Ovid’s Metamorphoses or Hesiod’s Theogony.

Concluding Thoughts

Ultimately it is impossible to say definitively who killed Medusa due to inconsistencies in both mythology and history surrounding her demise; it could have been any combination of characters including Perseus, Bellerophon or even Cetus depending on which version you believe in most strongly! However one thing remains certain; whoever did slay the Gorgon must have been extremely brave or perhaps foolishly daring considering she had cursed powers capable of turning them into stone!

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