Who is the new Iron Man?

Who is the new Iron Man?

30 Sec Answer: No one has officially taken up the mantle of Iron Man, but a new hero named Riri Williams has been confirmed as the successor to Tony Stark.


Iron Man is a character created by Marvel Comics and brought to life in the MCU. He is an iconic superhero that has become a fan favorite since his introduction in 2008. As one of the most beloved characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man’s absence leaves a gaping hole in its roster of heroes. But who will fill this void?

The Passing Of A Legend

It was with great sadness that we said goodbye to Robert Downey Jr., who played the role of Tony Stark/Iron Man in 10 films over 11 years. His death at the end of Avengers: Endgame marked not only an end to his career as Iron Man, but also an end to an era for many fans.

Who Is Riri Williams?

Riri Williams is a 15-year old genius inventor from Chicago and she was first introduced in the comic book series "Invincible Iron Man" in 2016. She has since gone on to make appearances in various other Marvel titles and is set to be featured in her own solo series titled "Ironheart". She is a perfect example of what it means to be brave, smart, and selfless – all qualities that are essential for being a true superhero.

What Makes Riri Unique?

Riri stands out from other superheroes due to her intelligence and ingenuity; she builds her own suit of armor using stolen technology from MIT, where she attends school. Her strong drive and ambition pushes her further than any other hero has ever gone before and makes her a natural fit for becoming the new Iron Man.

How Has Riri Developed Over Time?

Since her debut in Invincible Iron Man, Riri has developed into a much more mature and experienced superhero. She has faced adversity head-on and emerged triumphant time and again despite insurmountable odds. Her suit also underwent several upgrades over time, giving her access to advanced tech such as repulsors, lasers, flight capabilities, enhanced strength and durability, and more. This makes her well equipped for taking on big baddies like Doctor Doom or Ultron without fear.

Will There Be An Official Announcement?

Yes! Marvel Studios recently announced that they are developing a film centered around Riri Williams which is set to release sometime in 2022 or 2023. This movie will follow her journey as she becomes the new Iron Man and will explore how she deals with the pressure of stepping into such huge shoes (or should we say suits?).

What Are People Saying About Riri Becoming The New Iron Man?

The response to Riri taking up the mantle of Iron Man has been overwhelmingly positive. Many people have praised Marvel for introducing such a powerful female character into their cinematic universe and many others are excited about finally having someone take up Tony Stark’s legacy after his passing away at the end of Endgame.

What Else Should We Expect From The Film?

Apart from seeing Riri donning Tony Stark’s iconic red & gold suit and fighting evil villains, we can expect to see some serious character development as she comes into her own as a hero. It will be interesting to see how she deals with pressures both external (fighting crime) and internal (coming into her own identity). We may even get hints at future stories involving her if they decide to tie this film in with other upcoming movies within the MCU!

How Does Riri Feel About Becoming The New Iron Man?

While we won’t know until closer to release date, we can assume that Riri is both honored and terrified by taking on such responsibility at such a young age. After all, there’s no telling what kind of obstacles she’ll face along the way – especially considering that Doctor Doom already knows about her alter ego! Despite these fears though, it’s clear that she still holds immense courage and determination which will help guide her through whatever comes her way when she takes up the mantle of Iron Man.


Tony Stark may be gone but he left behind an incredible legacy which lives on through Riri Williams – the newest incarnation of Iron Man. Although it remains to be seen just how successful this new movie will be, there’s no doubt that it’ll be filled with excitement, adventure, thrilling action sequences…and plenty of red & gold metal suits!

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