Who is Poseidons wife?

Who is Poseidons wife?

30 Sec Answer: Poseidon’s wife is Amphitrite, a sea goddess and one of the fifty Nereids.


In Greek mythology, Poseidon was the god of the sea, storms, earthquakes, and horses. He is one of the Twelve Olympians in Ancient Greece, alongside his brothers Zeus and Hades. As such, he had many responsibilities and powers, but few know that he also had a wife – Amphitrite, a sea goddess and one of the fifty Nereids. In this article we’ll explore who she is and how their relationship came to be.

Background on Poseidon

Before delving into Poseidon’s marriage with Amphitrite it is important to understand more about Poseidon himself. As previously mentioned, he was a powerful figure in Ancient Greek religion and myth. He was associated with many aspects of nature including the seas, watercourses, horses, storms and earthquakes. His weapon of choice was a trident which he used to stir up or calm the waves of the sea. He often clashed with other gods and mortals as well as fought monsters from ancient times until today.

Who is Amphitrite?

Amphitrite is an important figure in Greek mythology due to her being married to Poseidon, although she wasn’t always known for this title. She originally belonged to an older generation of gods known as the Titans before she married Poseidon. Before marrying Poseidon she was known as a minor sea goddess and one of the fifty Nereids (nymphs who live in the Mediterranean Sea). She is depicted as a woman riding atop two dolphins or holding onto them while surrounded by fish or other aquatic creatures like seahorses or crabs.

How Did Their Marriage Come About?

The story behind how Amphitrite became Poseidon’s wife has many versions but they all involve her initially running away from him. After making a declaration of love towards her by sending messengers to try and win her heart, Amphitrite refused his offer and decided to flee instead. According to some versions of the story, Amphitrite fled deep within the ocean where she hid in her father’s kingdom for protection until finally accepting Poseidon’s proposal out of fear for what would happen if she did not comply. This ultimately led to their marriage after which they both lived together happily at their home located near Athens’ Acropolis Hilltop overlooking Mount Olympus.

What Are The Attributes Associated With Them?

As per most couples in mythology there are certain attributes attributed to both Poseidon and Amphitrite that can help us understand their relationship better. For instance, Poseidon is often considered to represent raw power while Amphitrite embodies balance as well as emotional control over turbulent waters – reflecting how opposites attract each other even though they may appear completely different at first glance. This can also be seen when looking at their respective symbols; while Poseidon holds his trident symbolizing strength, authority and command over the seas, Amphitrite uses coral or pearl necklaces signifying fertility or new beginnings which could be linked back to how their union eventually brought forth a son named Triton amongst others who later went on to become important figures in Greek mythology too.

Significance To Mythology And Beyond

Poseidon and Amphitrite were significant figures in Greek mythology as they embodied an important union between two very powerful deities from different realms – something which was rarely seen before then or even now for that matter. They also created several offspring throughout their marriage which not only further expanded upon Greek mythology but also helped set precedence for future unions between gods/goddesses since it showed that opposites truly do attract even if they come from two different worlds entirely! Furthermore, beyond just having influence within Ancient Greece itself their presence can still be felt today through various artworks depicting them such as sculptures, paintings or even films that tell stories based around them such as Disney’s ‘Hercules’ where they play important roles despite never actually appearing in it directly themselves.


In conclusion it is clear that Poseidon and Amphirite have been intertwined with each other since time immemorial due to their status as key figures within Greek mythology as well as setting precedence for future marriages between gods/goddesses alike. While it is true that we may never fully understand why these two beings ended up together what we do know however is that their bond transcended realms allowing us glimpses into a fascinating world full of possibilities no matter how impossible those things may seem on paper!

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