Who is god of thunder?

Who is god of thunder?

30 Sec Answer: Thor is the god of thunder in Norse mythology, who wields a magical hammer and controls the weather.

Who Is God of Thunder?

Thor, son of Odin and Jord, is one of the most powerful gods in Norse mythology. He is often referred to as the "God of Thunder" due to his ability to control lightning and thunder. His magical hammer Mjolnir grants him superhuman strength and power that no other deity can match.

Origin of Thor

In ancient times, there was an Indo-European storm god known by many names in different cultures, including Taranis (Celtic), Jupiter (Roman) and Indra (Hindu). However, he is best known by his Norse name: Thor. He appears in both the Poetic Edda, written around 1270 AD, and the Prose Edda, written by Snorri Sturluson around 1220 AD.

Role Of Thor In Norse Mythology

In Norse mythology, Thor is a principal member of the Æsir (the principal pantheon in Norse paganism). He is one of Odin’s sons along with Baldr and Váli. As a god of thunder, Thor is responsible for protecting Asgard (the realm of gods) from the giants that threaten it.

Characteristics Of Thor

Thor is typically portrayed as a tall man with red hair and beard wearing a winged helm and holding his magical hammer Mjölnir in one hand while wielding a powerful belt Megingjörð on the other. He rides in a chariot pulled by two goats Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr which he can revive after being slaughtered every night for their meat.

Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir

Mjölnir ("The Crusher") is Thor’s signature weapon which only he can wield due to its immense power. It has been described as a formidable weapon capable of leveling mountains with just one swing and sending out lightning bolts at will. This hammer also allows him to fly through air or space with ease when needed.

Other Powers & Attributes Of Thor

Thor possesses immense strength far greater than any human or even some gods like Loki; he can lift 10 bear skins simultaneously! He also has superhuman stamina so he can fight all day without tiring. Furthermore, he has resistance to extreme cold temperatures since he spent time living among the frost giants. Additionally, Thor also has dominion over storms and rain as well as knowledge about jotun magic making him extremely formidable in battle against them.

Battle With Jormungandr The Midgard Serpent

One of his greatest challenges came in form of a giant sea serpent named Jormungandr that had been sent by Odin to Midgard (Earth). When Jormungandr grew too large for the ocean it threatened all life on Earth so Thor faced off against it alone but could not defeat it due to its size. After exhausting all possible methods, Thor eventually managed to kill Jormungandr using Mjölnir but at great cost – his own life was taken as well during this epic battle!

Gifts From Freya

On occasion, Freya (the goddess associated with love and beauty) would grant gifts to those she favored including three artifacts specifically meant for Thor – A protective belt called Megingjörð ("strength increase"), iron gloves named Jarngreipr ("iron grasp"), and lastly an enchanted hammer head known as Skíðblaðnir ("shaped like thin pieces"). All these items combined gave Thor unparalleled strength beyond what even Mjölnir could provide him with!

                                                                                                        ## Symbols Associated With Thor 

Thor was often depicted with several symbols including an axe or hammer which are usually associated with warfare or protection; wolves which symbolize loyalty; boars representing strength; eagles representing courage; serpents signifying wisdom; goat horns standing for fertility; ravens embodying intellect; bulls connoting abundance; horses indicating travel/victory; bears representing bravery/courage; snakes signifying rebirth/healing; stags denoting nobility/leadership; rams indicating fortitude/persistence; bulls indicating boldness/powerfulness; cats connoting independence/introspection; foxes symbolizing resourcefulness/stealthiness etc… All these animals have special meaning attached to them according to Norse mythology that makes them perfect representations for this mighty warrior-god!

Viking Worship Of Thor

The Vikings believed that Thor was the protector of their people and revered him above all other gods. They prayed to him before embarking on long voyages at sea or entering into battle knowing full well that if they stayed true to their faith then success would be guaranteed under his watchful eye. Throughout Scandinavia there are still places dedicated to this great god such as temples built during Viking Age that still remain today despite passing centuries!

Representations In Modern Culture

Today we find references to this iconic figure everywhere – from comic books to video games as well as movies like Marvel Cinematic Universe’s “Thor” series starring Chris Hemsworth where he plays title character alongside Anthony Hopkins who portrays Odin – fatherly figure present throughout stories about this particular hero. Apart from entertainment industry though many jewelry designs bearing likenesses of him have become popular recently such as pendants depicting Mjölnir itself or replicas crafted from silver made specifically for worshipping purposes!

Legacy Of The God Of Thunder

Throughout history, Thor remains one of most widely worshipped deities thanks largely due to his courage, strength and unwavering loyalty towards fellow gods-kinsmen alike which makes him embody everything good about warrior spirit! Despite millennia having passed since his heyday – legends surrounding this legendary figure continue reverberating across modern culture proving once again why mythology never ceases being relevant no matter how much time passes by!

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