Who is Anakins father?

Who is Anakins father?

30 Sec Answer: Anakin’s father is the Force, and his mother was a human woman named Shmi Skywalker.

Who is Anakin’s Father?

The question of who is Anakin’s father has been asked by Star Wars fans since the release of the original movie in 1977. While it may seem like an obvious answer to some, there are still many theories about who his true father might be. In this article we will explore the various theories and ultimately explain why the answer is not so simple.

Background on Anakin

Anakin Skywalker was introduced in the original Star Wars trilogy as a young slave boy from Tatooine with extraordinary abilities in the Force. As he grows up, Anakin becomes a Jedi Knight, then turns to the Dark Side and becomes Darth Vader. He plays an important role in both trilogies as he struggles between light and dark, good and evil.

Anakin’s Origin Story

Throughout both trilogies there are several hints that suggest Anakin was born under mysterious circumstances and is more than just a normal human being. Obi-Wan Kenobi claims that no one knows where Anakin comes from or who his father is, and Yoda tells Luke that "there is another Skywalker" when Luke states that he thought he was the last one. These references point to something special about Anakin’s origin story which leads to speculation over his father’s identity.

Theories About Anakin’s Father

Over the years, numerous fan theories have emerged regarding who could possibly be Anakin’s father. Some popular theories include: Palpatine, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, Mace Windu, Emperor Tarkin, or even Shmi herself. Others believe it could be someone else entirely such as Jar Jar Binks or Darth Plagueis – two characters never seen in the movies but mentioned by Palpatine in Revenge of the Sith.

Was Anakin Conceived By Immaculate Conception?

One theory suggests that Anakin was conceived by immaculate conception through divine intervention from the Force itself. This idea originated with George Lucas’ claim that he saw Anakin as "the chosen one" who would bring balance to the Force. This suggests that he was born outside of conventional means and due to this unique situation had unusual powers at birth.

Evidence Supporting Theory Of Immaculate Conception

There are several pieces of evidence within the movies which support this theory including Yoda’s comment about "another Skywalker," Palpatine’s reference to Darth Plagueis in Revenge of The Sith and midichlorians discovered in Qui-Gon Jinn’s blood sample analysis (which suggested that whoever fathered him did not have any significant amount). Additionally, when Yoda meets baby Luke for first time he says “he [Anakin] will bring balance…strong with the Force he is". All these elements together seem to hint at something otherworldly going on during conception.

Counter Arguments To Immaculate Conception Theory

However, there are also some counter arguments against this theory. For instance, if Qui-Gon Jinn discovered low levels of midichlorians in Shmi’s blood sample analysis then it suggests she wasn’t carrying anything particularly special – ruling out any sort of supernatural element here. It also doesn’t account for how much like a regular human being he looks despite his miraculous origins.

What Do We Know About Shmi?

We know very little about Shmi other than her name, her son’s whereabouts and her occupation as a slave on Tatooine before she died at the hands of Tusken Raiders while trying to save him from their clutches. She also seems to have great influence over her son even after death; inspiring him with visions while sleeping and guiding him towards his destiny even though they’re separated by death itself. Could she have been more than just a mother figure? Could she have known something others didn’t?

Could Shmi Be A Former Jedi?

Another popular fan theory suggests that Shmi could have been a former Jedi Knight whose identity remained hidden throughout both trilogies due to its forbidden nature under Palpatine’s rule. If this were true then it would explain why she was able to transfer some kind of knowledge or power onto her son while pregnant; thus giving him extraordinary powers at birth similar to those possessed by Jedi Knights themselves. However there isn’t enough evidence either way yet so we can only speculate on whether or not this is true.

Could Shmi Have Had Relations With Another Man?

Still another popular fan theory suggests that Shmi may have had relations with another man prior to becoming pregnant with Anakin; thus making them his biological parents rather than immaculate conception via divine intervention from The Force itself. While there is no direct evidence pointing towards this possibility (other than what Palpatine reveals about Darth Plagueis) it remains plausible given everything we do know about her character and background prior to becoming pregnant with Anakin .

What Does Canon Say About This?

In canon material released since Disney acquired Lucasfilm there has been some information revealed which further confirms what we already knew about Anakins origins – namely that his mother was indeed human but his father remains unknown as confirmed by Rey’s vision in The Last Jedi novelization published by Del Ray books which states “The skywalker line begins with no father but force” indicating once again divine intervention played a part here rather than traditional means of conception taking place between two living individuals

Is There Any Evidence Suggesting That Someone Else Was Involved ?

At this point all evidence points towards immaculate conception however if someone else was involved in some way then it’s possible they may have left clues behind somewhere which could potentially lead us closer towards discovering who they might be ; especially now with new canon material being released all the time . Until then , however , our search for answers continues .

Conclusion: Who Is Really Anakin’s Father?

At this point , it seems fairly clear that no one really knows who is truly responsible for creating Anakin Skywalker ; or perhaps more accurately , no one alive does . His real father remains shrouded in mystery but what we do know for sure is that whatever happened during his creation had nothing to do with any physical act between two living individuals . Instead , it appears as though it was through some sort of supernatural intervention from The Force itself .

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