Who are the new Thunderbolts?

Who are the new Thunderbolts?

30 Sec Answer: The new Thunderbolts are a group of former villains and antiheroes who have joined forces to take on global threats. Led by the Red Hulk, they possess a variety of abilities and backgrounds which make them an effective team.


The Marvel Universe is always changing. From changes in character backstories to their physical appearances, there’s always something new for fans to explore. One of the most recent changes has been the introduction of the new Thunderbolts – a rag-tag group of villains and antiheroes from various corners of the Marvel U.

Who Are They?

The Thunderbolts are led by General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, better known as the Red Hulk. Joining him are Deadpool, Elektra, Venom, Moonstone, Ghost Rider, and Agents Phil Coulson and Jasper Sitwell. All of these characters have had their fair share of villainous deeds in the past, but now they’ve put aside their differences and banded together with one common goal – to protect the world from any threat that comes its way.

Why Form A Team?

It was General Ross’ idea to form the Thunderbolts in order to fill a void that existed within S.H.I.E.L.D.. He saw that there were no groups capable of taking on large-scale threats or handling missions too dangerous for standard agents or superheroes. It was his hope that by forming this group he could provide a much-needed service to both S.H.I.E.L.D. and the world at large.

The Members’ Roles

General Ross serves as the leader of the Thunderbolts, using his military experience to help guide them through their missions successfully. Deadpool brings his trademark wit and unpredictability to the team, often providing comic relief even in dire situations. Elektra provides martial arts training and acts as the team’s point person for hand-to-hand combat scenarios while Venom adds strength and durability with his alien symbiote suit.

Moonstone is a master manipulator with vast knowledge of psychological warfare while Ghost Rider uses his fiery powers to add a supernatural edge when needed. Coulson and Sitwell act as the voice of reason among their more volatile teammates, helping to keep things in check when tensions rise between members.

Their Abilties & Weaknesses

The Thunderbolts boast an impressive array of abilities ranging from superhuman strength (Red Hulk) to energy manipulation (Elektra) to near immortality (Deadpool). While these powers can be incredibly useful when facing off against superpowered enemies, they can also be seen as weaknesses if used carelessly or recklessly in battle scenarios without proper coordination from leadership or other teammates.

Furthermore, due to each member’s checkered past it can be difficult for outsiders to trust them or take them seriously as heroes despite their noble intentions and heroic actions thus far during their short tenure as a team.

How Did They Get Started?

The formation of the Thunderbolts came about after General Ross recruited Deadpool, Elektra, Venom, Moonstone, Ghost Rider, Coulson and Sitwell following a meeting with Tony Stark at Avengers Tower where they discussed potential ways to tackle large-scale threats around the world without resorting to violence or killing innocent people in order to do so . After hashing out a plan with Stark and getting approval from higher-ups at S.H.I.E.L.D., Ross officially formed the team under its current name – The Thunderbolts – much to Stark’s delight who recognized how important such a squad would be for protecting Earth from impending doom .

Initial Missions & Responsibilities

Once assembled ,the first mission assigned to The Thunderbolts was investigating mysterious reports coming out of Norway regarding something big lurking underneath its icy surface . After some careful investigation ,the team uncovered that an ancient ice giant called Ymir had been resurrected by Loki for unknown reasons . Taking immediate action ,they quickly subdued Ymir before he could cause any more destruction then locked him away safely so that he couldn’t escape again anytime soon . This successful mission earned The Thunderbolts great respect from not only Tony Stark but also Nick Fury who made sure they were properly compensated for all their hard work .

Public Reception

Despite their somewhat sketchy backgrounds ,public reception towards The Thunderbolts has been largely positive with many civilians viewing them as modern day superheroes due to their dedication towards keeping Earth safe from harm . However ,there are still some skeptics who aren’t convinced that these former villains should really be trusted with such an important responsibility given all their past misdeeds . But regardless of what others may think ,The Thunderbolts will continue doing whatever it takes to ensure our planet’s safety .

New Threats & Challenges

As time went on ,The Thunderbolts encountered several new threats including aliens ,robots ,monsters ,mystical creatures ,and much more . Each challenge presented unique challenges that tested every member’s skillset but thanks to excellent teamwork they were able to overcome every obstacle thrown their way with little difficulty . Recently however ,their latest mission has taken them into outer space where they must face off against Thanos ‘army in order save an entire race from extinction . It remains unclear how this story arc will turn out but no matter what happens it’s clear that The Thunderbolts won’t rest until justice is served .

Controversy & Criticism

Though generally praised for their efforts ,not everyone has welcomed The Thunderbolt’s presence with open arms due mainly because some feel like having ex-villains fight alongside legitimate heroes undermines traditional superhero values . This has resulted in public backlash from various circles making it difficult for general citizens to get behind these unconventional defenders despite all the good they’ve done up until now .

Future Plans

As expected ,The Thunderbolt’s future plans involve continuing their fight against evil while expanding their scope even further by tackling global problems outside just supervillain threats like poverty ,terrorism ,and disease epidemics etc .. Additionally ,they will continue working closely alongside organizations like S H I E L D whenever possible while gaining recognition within society so that people can start seeing them less as villains and more as genuine heroes trying make a difference in today’s world ..


In conclusion ,it’s clear why General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross chose these specific individuals when forming his elite task force : Not only did he recognize each member’s immense potential but also understood that together they could be unstoppable force capable of taking down any foe regardless size or power level .. With this said we can rest assured knowing that The Thunderbolts have what it takes help defend humanity against any threat present or future ..

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