Which is the best season of GoT?

Which is the best season of GoT?

30 Sec Answer: Winter is the best season of Game of Thrones, as it brings to life its most compelling characters and storylines.


The fantasy television series “Game of Thrones” has been one of the most popular shows in recent years, captivating audiences with its intense and often unpredictable plotlines. With eight seasons full of warring factions, unexpected alliances, heartbreaking betrayals, and shocking deaths, viewers can’t help but wonder which season was the best. In this article, we will examine each season of Game of Thrones and explore why winter might be considered the best season overall.

Season 1

Season one introduced us to the world of Westeros and gave us a glimpse into the cutthroat power struggle that would become so integral to the show. It’s also when we meet some of our favorite characters like Ned Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, and Tyrion Lannister. While some important storylines begin to develop in this season, it still lacks much of the depth that later seasons would bring.

Season 2

By season two, things start to heat up in terms of both political maneuvering and epic battle scenes. This is when we really start to see how complex and intricate the show’s universe is as various Houses vie for control of Westeros. Viewers are also introduced to new characters like Stannis Baratheon and Melisandre, who add even more intrigue to the mix.

Season 3

Season three ups the ante with several major battles including the infamous Red Wedding and The Battle of Castle Black. This is when fans get to know fan-favorite Arya Stark better as she starts her journey down a darker path. We also finally see Daenerys fully come into her own as she frees an entire city from slavery and begins her quest for revenge against those who have wronged her family.

Season 4

Season four introduces us to yet another layer of complexity with Cersei’s power play against Margaery Tyrell and Oberyn Martell’s duel with The Mountain. We also see a whole host of new characters such as Oberyn’s daughters, Prince Oberyn himself, Bronn, Mace Tyrell, Tommen Baratheon, and Margaery’s brother Loras Tyrell – all of whom add interesting dynamics to existing storylines.

Season 5

Things continue to escalate in season five as old enemies return for vengeance and alliances are tested like never before. We also get to witness major events like Cersei’s trial by combat and Jon Snow becoming Lord Commander of the Night Watch – both pivotal moments that set up future storylines.

Season 6

Season six sees even more death, destruction, betrayal – but there are moments of joy too. This is when we learn about Jon Snow’s true parentage as well as find out who was responsible for killing Renly Baratheon. Sansa Stark reunites with Jon Snow at last after spending years apart while Bran discovers he has magical powers beyond his wildest dreams – adding an element of fantasy back into what had been a mostly realistic story until then.

Season 7

In season seven everything reaches fever pitch with Daenerys arriving in Westeros and claiming her rightful place on the Iron Throne. However there are plenty of bumps along the way including Jaime deserting Cersei; Viserion being killed by The Night King; Arya taking revenge on Walder Frey; Bran warging into a dragon; Sansa becoming Lady Of Winterfell; and Jon learning his true parentage.

Season 8

The final season brings all these disparate threads together as Jon faces off against The Night King while trying to win over allies in order to take on Cersei in King’s Landing. Despite some controversial endings (which we won’t spoil here!) this season contains some powerful moments including Arya killing The Night King; Jamie defending Brienne’s honor; Bran choosing not to intervene in certain events; and Daenerys’ fiery rampage through Kings Landing – all proving why winter is truly considered the best season overall!


It’s clear that each season brings something unique to the table when it comes to Game Of Thrones but if you were forced to pick just one that stands out above all others it would have to be wintertime in Westeros! This is where we saw many beloved characters reach their fullest potentials alongside thrilling twists that kept viewers guessing until the very end!

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