What year is Game of Thrones set in?

30 Sec Answer: The Game of Thrones universe is set in a fictional world known as Westeros, but it does not correspond to any specific time period on Earth.

What Year Is Game Of Thrones Set In?

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular television series in history, with millions of viewers tuning into each episode to follow the epic saga. But have you ever wondered what year it’s set in? Many fans believe that the show takes place during the medieval times, but this isn’t entirely true. Here we will explore the fascinating world of Westeros and answer the question – what year is Game Of Thrones set in?

Background On The Show

Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television series created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss for HBO. It is based on George R. R. Martin’s series of fantasy novels, A Song of Ice and Fire. Set on the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos, it follows several storylines involving different characters who are vying for power over the Iron Throne, the seat of government in Seven Kingdoms.

The show has been immensely successful since its premiere in 2011 and has won numerous awards including nine Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series, a Peabody Award, and five Hugo Awards for Best Dramatic Presentation.

Fictional World Of Westeros

As mentioned above, Game Of Thrones takes place primarily on the fictional continent of Westeros – an amalgamation of British Isles and Scandinavian countries from Earth’s past. This includes England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Iceland and Norway, although some features such as their geography or architecture may differ from our own reality. The other primary location featured in the show is Essos – a large landmass located east of Westeros which encompasses parts of Asia Minor and Central Asia.

Westeros has its own calendar system which begins when Aegon I Targaryen conquers six out of seven kingdoms to form a unified kingdom known as The Seven Kingdoms. This event marks ‘Year 0’ in their timeline and all subsequent years are measured accordingly (e.g., 1 AC = 1 After Conquest). This allows viewers to easily keep track of events occurring within the show without having to worry about actual years or months passing in real life.

Timeline Of Events

In order to accurately answer ‘what year is Game Of Thrones set in?’ we must first take a look at some key events that occur throughout the show’s timeline:
1) Robert’s Rebellion (17 Years Before Current Day): The major civil war that overthrows House Targaryen from ruling Westeros and sets up Robert Baratheon as King instead.
2) King Robert’s Rule (15-17 Years Before Current Day): After taking control following Robert’s Rebellion, Robert Baratheon rules for 17 years before his death causes further upheaval among those vying for power over Westeros.
3) Ned Stark Executed (7-9 Years Before Current Day): Ned Stark was executed by Joffrey Baratheon after he refused to pledge loyalty to him as King despite being named Hand Of The King by Robert Baratheon shortly before his death.
4) War Of Five Kings (6-8 Years Before Current Day): Following Ned Stark’s execution a war breaks out between five claimants seeking to rule Westeros – Stannis Baratheon, Renly Baratheon, Robb Stark, Balon Greyjoy and Joffrey Baratheon – with varying degrees of success until only two remain; Stannis and Joffrey/Tommen (after Joffrey’s death).

5) Battle Of Winterfell (Current Day): The Battle Of Winterfell occurs during season 8 where Jon Snow leads forces against an army of White Walkers in order to protect Westeros from total destruction at their hands.

6) Cersei Lannister Rules (1 Year After Battle Of Winterfell): Cersei Lannister becomes Queen Of Westeros following her victory against Daenerys Targaryen at King’s Landing at the end of season 8 – marking the start of a new era in Westerosi history..

7) Beyond Season 8 (Unknown Timeframe): Although it remains unknown how long Cersei will rule or what will happen beyond season 8 due to George R.R Martin yet to complete writing ‘A Song Of Ice And Fire’ there are still plenty more adventures ahead!

How Does This Answer Our Question?

Taking into consideration all these major events along with various minor ones that occur throughout seasons 1-8 we can see that Game Of Thrones does not take place during any specific year on Earth – rather it simply takes place within a fictional world known as Westeros that corresponds loosely with Medieval Europe . As such we can conclude that there is no definitive answer to ‘what year is Game Of Thrones set in?’ but understanding its timeline can help us appreciate how complex its narrative truly is!

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