What is the longest video on Youtube?

What is the longest video on Youtube?

30 Sec Answer: The longest video on YouTube is “In Search of Lost Time”, a 571 hour, 1 minute and 41 second compilation of footage from the 1976 movie “Journey Through Time.”

What is the Longest Video on YouTube?

YouTube has become one of the largest online platforms for watching videos and sharing content. People from all over the world upload their videos and share them with others, creating an ever-expanding library of videos that are available to watch at any time. One thing that people may be curious about is just how long some of these videos can get; after all, there’s no real limit on how long a video can be uploaded to YouTube. So what is the longest video on YouTube?

How Videos Get Uploaded to YouTube

Before we answer the question about the longest video on YouTube, it helps to understand how videos get uploaded in the first place. When someone wants to post a video to YouTube, they first need to upload it to the platform. This can be done either by directly uploading the video file from their computer or by linking to an external source like another website or cloud storage service. Once the video has been successfully uploaded, it will then appear in the user’s account and be available for other users to view.

How Long Can Videos Be on YouTube?

Now that we have an understanding of how videos are uploaded to YouTube, let’s talk about how long they can be. While there isn’t a specific limit on how long a single video can be, most videos are restricted to 15 minutes in length unless they are verified as part of YouTube Partner Program. However, there is also no restriction on how many videos you can upload in total; you can theoretically upload as many short videos as you want until your account reaches its storage capacity limit (which depends on your subscription plan).

What Is the Longest Video on YouTube?

With this in mind, let’s now answer the question about what is the longest video on YouTube. The longest video currently found on YouTube is “In Search of Lost Time” which clocks in at 571 hours, 1 minute and 41 seconds in total length. It was created by Jay Foreman who compiled footage from the 1976 film “Journey Through Time” into this massive supercut for viewers to enjoy. As you might expect, it takes quite a bit of time to make it through this entire piece!

Are There Other Long Videos on YouTube?

If you’re looking for something shorter but still lengthy than “In Search of Lost Time”, don’t worry; there are plenty of other videos out there that are quite long too. For example, one popular YouTuber known as "Epic Rap Battles" created a marathon video titled "The Epic Rap Battle Challenge" which clocks in at just over 36 hours and features 70 rap battles between various characters throughout history. Another interesting option comes courtesy of YouTuber "Epic Mountain Bike Races" who put together an incredible 11-hour mountain bike race called "Mountain Biking World Championship". Both these options provide excellent entertainment if you’re looking for something a little less daunting than 571 hours!

Does Length Matter When Watching Videos?

Of course, when it comes down to it length isn’t always everything when watching videos; sometimes shorter clips can be just as engaging and entertaining as longer ones depending on what type of content you’re looking for. Ultimately it all comes down to personal preference; some people prefer quick snippets while others may opt for something more expansive like those mentioned above. In any case, there’s sure to be something out there that appeals to everyone!


To sum up, while we now know what is currently considered the longest video on YouTube (the 571 hour long “In Search of Lost Time”), there are plenty of other long form videos out there that provide plenty of entertainment value as well. Whether you’re looking for something short or something incredibly long, there’s sure to be something that appeals to everyone!

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