What I eat in a day lazy?

What I eat in a day lazy?

30 Sec Answer: A typical day of eating for a lazy person is one that includes convenience-style meals, snacks high in calories and carbohydrates, and foods with little nutritional value.


Eating healthily and getting the right amount of nutrition every day can be hard work! With so much else to do during the day, it’s not surprising that sometimes we just don’t have the energy or enthusiasm to put into making healthy meals – especially if we’re feeling particularly lazy. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your food, though. Here we’ll look at what I eat in a day when I’m feeling lazy, giving ideas on how to get the most out of your meals without too much effort.

What Do I Eat For Breakfast?

Breakfast is often regarded as the most important meal of the day – but when you’re feeling lazy, you may find yourself struggling to make something both tasty and nutritious. A great go-to option for breakfast is oatmeal – it’s quick to prepare, tastes great and packs plenty of fibre and protein which will keep you energised until lunchtime. If you’re looking for something a bit more indulgent, try adding some fruit or nuts to your oatmeal to add a bit more flavour and texture.

Lunch Ideas For When You’re Feeling Lazy

For lunch, I usually opt for something easy to prepare such as a sandwich or wrap with some sort of spread or sauce. This way I get plenty of carbs to give me energy throughout the afternoon, plus some healthy fats from the spread/sauce for extra flavour. Another option is a pre-made salad box from the supermarket – these are often packed with all sorts of delicious ingredients like cheese, olives, tomatoes and lettuce – perfect if you want something substantial but still relatively light.

Snacking On The Go

Snacks are always handy when you’re feeling peckish but don’t have time (or energy!) to prepare anything too elaborate. Good choices include protein bars, trail mix and yoghurt – all of which are easy to transport and won’t take up too much room in your bag. For an extra boost between meals try adding a few pieces of fresh fruit or vegetables such as carrots or apples – they contain natural sugars which will help to lift your mood while providing some additional vitamins and minerals.

Quick Dinners To Make In Minutes

When dinner rolls around it can be tempting just to throw together something unhealthy – after all it’s been a long day and all you really want is something comforting and quick. However there are still lots of options available that won’t require hours spent in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove! Pasta dishes are always great as they cook quickly and can be easily adapted depending on your preferences – try adding chicken or vegetables for added protein or cream for a creamy finish. Alternatively try stir fries which involve minimal preparation time yet still deliver plenty of flavour thanks to their mix of herbs and spices.

Dessert Ideas When You’re Feeling Lazy

Even when I’m feeling particularly lazy, I still like to treat myself with a sweet dessert at the end of my day. Something simple yet delicious like a piece of cake or brownies will hit the spot perfectly – no need for any fancy baking skills here! Or if you prefer something healthier why not try frozen yoghurt topped with fresh fruit or dark chocolate chips? Either way it’s sure to be delicious!


Eating healthily isn’t always easy when you’re feeling lazy – but with a bit of planning ahead it doesn’t have to be difficult either! As long as you pick sensible options like oatmeal for breakfast, salads or sandwiches for lunch, quick dinners like stir fries or pasta dishes and yummy desserts such as cake or frozen yoghurt then you’ll be sure to get all the nutrients you need without compromising on taste.

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