What eats a shark?

What eats a shark?

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A variety of animals can and do eat sharks, including other sharks, marine mammals such as whales and dolphins, seabirds, and fish.

What Eats a Shark?

Sharks are apex predators – they dominate their habitats and feed on the creatures below them in the food chain. But what about when it comes to predators that prey upon sharks? Are there any animals out there capable of hunting and eating a shark? The answer is yes! A variety of animals can and do eat sharks, including other sharks, marine mammals such as whales and dolphins, seabirds, and fish. In this article we will look at each type of predator in turn and discuss how they manage to hunt down these large predatory fish.

Other Sharks

The most obvious predators of sharks are other sharks. While many species of shark don’t actually eat one another, some species have been known to target smaller members of their own kind for prey. For example, great white sharks have been observed preying upon juvenile or small individuals of their own species. Other aggressive shark species like mako and hammerhead sharks have also been seen killing other sharks for food.

Marine Mammals

Marine mammals such as whales and dolphins are also known to eat sharks from time to time. Killer whales in particular have been observed hunting down large species of shark such as great whites and makos. Orcas usually attack the fins first before turning their attention to the softer body parts of the shark’s anatomy. Dolphins too have been seen taking down baby blacktip reef sharks off the coast of Florida.


Seabirds such as frigatebirds and pelicans can often be seen swooping over oceans in search of an easy meal. These birds have even been known to take down full grown adult sharks with their sharp talons, usually targeting smaller species like dogfish or smoothhounds while they feed near the surface. Frigatebirds have even been spotted stealing freshly caught prey from unsuspecting fisherman in some areas!


Yes you read that right – fish can indeed eat other fish! Some larger species like grouper or snapper have been observed preying upon smaller species of shark in certain circumstances. These fish typically ambush the unsuspecting shark from underneath by using its camouflage patterning to blend into its surroundings until it’s too late for the shark! Additionally, some fish like barracuda are swift enough hunters to chase down a small shark if given the opportunity.


Humans aren’t generally considered predators but we definitely belong on this list! Sharks may not feature heavily on our menus here in North America but they’re consumed regularly around the world by people who live close to coastal regions where these animals inhabit. Species such as mako and thresher are popular catches among fishermen due to their large size which yields plenty of meat once they’ve been processed correctly. Even certain endangered species like sawfish are targeted occasionally by subsistence hunters looking for a protein-rich meal!


It’s clear that despite their fearsome reputation, there are a number of different predators out there capable of hunting down a shark if given the chance. From other predatory fish to seabirds and marine mammals – not to mention humans – there’s no shortage of creatures willing to take on these formidable opponents should the situation call for it. Now you know why sharks always seem so vigilant when swimming through open waters – they never know when one of these adversaries might be lurking just beneath the surface!

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