Is US agent part of the Thunderbolts?

Is US agent part of the Thunderbolts?

30 Sec Answer: No, US Agent is not a member of the Thunderbolts.


The Marvel Comics universe contains a plethora of heroes and villains, each with their own backstory and motivations. One such hero is US Agent, who has had multiple incarnations over the years. He is a highly trained soldier who first appeared in Captain America #323 back in 1986. With his superhuman strength and agility, he quickly became an important part of the Marvel Universe. But does US Agent have any connection to the Thunderbolts? This article will explore this question and provide some insight into the character’s history.

Who Is US Agent?

US Agent is John Walker, an ex-Marine who was given the opportunity to become Captain America’s replacement when Steve Rogers retired from superhero duty in the mid 1980s. As US Agent, Walker uses his formidable strength and fighting prowess to battle evil alongside other superheroes like the Avengers and West Coast Avengers. In addition to being a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, he also wears a shield made out of vibranium which gives him extra protection against physical attacks. While Walker’s relationship with Captain America has been contentious at times, they still respect one another as comrades in arms.

The Origin Of The Thunderbolts

The Thunderbolts are a team of antiheroes that were first formed by Baron Zemo in the late 1990s. After infiltrating the Avengers mansion and convincing several supervillains to join forces under his leadership, Zemo assembled the Thunderbolts as an opposite force to the traditional superhero team. By day, these villains masquerade as heroic do-gooders; however, beneath their false identities lurks a sinister agenda. Through cunning tactics and skillful manipulation, Zemo plans on using his new “team” for personal gain.

Are They Heroes Or Villains?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends largely on perspective. To many fans, the Thunderbolts represent a complex grey area between heroism and villainy; their actions could be seen as both beneficial and detrimental depending on the situation. Despite their past misdeeds, most members of the team eventually grow beyond their criminal ways and begin helping others instead of hurting them. On the other hand, there are still those among them who refuse to change and continue down their dark path towards destruction and chaos. Ultimately it comes down to individual preference as everyone has different views about what constitutes right or wrong behavior.

What Are Their Powers?

Each member of the Thunderbolts possesses unique abilities that make them powerful adversaries for any opponent. From magical energy manipulation courtesy of Moonstone to superhuman reflexes granted by Songbird’s sonic scream, no two members are exactly alike in terms of capabilities. Many possess enhanced strength or heightened senses while others specialize in manipulating technology or mental faculties; either way they form a diverse yet formidable fighting force.

Is US Agent Part Of The Thunderbolts?

No, US Agent is not currently a member of the Thunderbolts nor has he ever been part of this particular group before. While he did work alongside them briefly during Marvel’s Civil War event series, his allegiance lies primarily with S.H.I.E.L.D., AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics), or whichever government agency he may be employed by at any given time. Although it would certainly make for an interesting story line if US Agent were to ever join forces with the Thunderbolts permanently!

Other Supergroups Associated With The Thunderbolts

Although US Agent isn’t affiliated with this particular supergroup, there are several other teams that share similar themes or ideals with them including but not limited to: X-Force (a mutant strike force led by Cable), The Defenders (a mysterious cabal dedicated to protecting Earth from extra dimensional threats) , Young Allies (a junior version of The Invaders), Freedom Force (government sponsored super soldiers), Secret Avengers (an elite squad headed up by Nick Fury), and Dark Avengers (former villains pretending to be heroes). Each group boasts its own roster filled with characters possessing distinct powers and personalities which further contributes to making them truly stand out from one another within Marvel’s expansive comic book universe!

How Do They Interact With Other Teams?

Generally speaking, members of the Thunderbolts tend to interact positively with other teams though conflicts have occurred due to their ambiguous moral standing at times . For instance , during Marvel’s Infinity Wars event series , both Spiderman and Doctor Strange mistook Ghost Rider for one of Zemo’s crew only for him to turn out actually being part of another faction entirely . Furthermore , since various Thunderbolt personnel such as Fixer or Mach V possess advanced technological skillsets , they’ve even helped teams such as The Avengers develop new gadgets on occasion . All in all , it seems that despite their shady reputation , these ragtag rebels often find themselves helping out their fellow comrades without fail .

Has US Agent Worked With Them Before?

Yes! During Marvel’s Civil War storyline , John Walker was sent by Tony Stark/Iron Man along with Tigra/Greer Grant Nelson , Ms Marvel/Carol Danvers , Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff , Ares/Ares Buchanan , Firestar/Angelica Jones & Jolt/Hallie Takahama to take down Baron Zemo & his team once & for all . Though they ended up succeeding in apprehending most members , they failed miserably against Zemo himself & thus ended up having John Walker fill Cap’s boots temporarily afterwards . Nevertheless , this proved that despite having never joined officially , US Agent can definitely hold his own against anyone – be it friend or foe !


Ultimately , US Agent is not part of the Thunderbolts nor does he appear likely to join anytime soon . However , this doesn’t mean that he hasn’t interacted with them before or vice versa . Moreover , even though his moral compass typically aligns closer towards righteous deeds than villainous ones ; considering how morally ambiguous certain characters within this supergroup are makes it hard determining whether working alongside them is really for good or ill . So perhaps someday if circumstances arise again then we’ll see just what happens when John Walker finally stands toe-to-toe alongside Zemo’s ragtag rebels !

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