Is Thunderbolts coming to MCU?

Is Thunderbolts coming to MCU?

30 Sec Answer: While there have been rumors of a Thunderbolts movie being planned for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, nothing has been officially announced by Marvel Studios at this time.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is an ever-expanding universe of movies, television shows and comic books that brings together some of the most beloved superheroes in pop culture. Since its inception in 2008 with Iron Man, the MCU has continued to grow in popularity and expand its reach into new mediums, captivating fans around the world. One particular character who has long been rumored to join the MCU is the super villain team known as The Thunderbolts. This article will explore whether or not a Thunderbolts movie could become a reality within the MCU.

Who Are The Thunderbolts?

The Thunderbolts are a group of super villains from the Marvel Comics universe that were first introduced in 1997. Led by Baron Zemo, the team consists of former members of Masters of Evil, such as Goliath, Moonstone, and Songbird. The team’s goal was initially to gain fame and recognition as heroes by posing as a reformed version of the Avengers, but their plans eventually backfired when they encountered actual Avengers during their adventures. After several years of fighting against both heroes and villains alike, the team eventually became more heroic over time and began helping protect innocent people rather than cause destruction.

Could The Thunderbolts Fit Into The MCU?

Given how much larger and more diverse the MCU has become since it first debuted in 2008, it is certainly possible that the Thunderbolts could fit into this universe without too much trouble. With plenty of other villains already established within the franchise, introducing another evil organization like the Thunderbolts would help flesh out this corner of the world even further while also providing fans with an exciting new storyline to follow. In addition to this, having a reformed version of these characters would add yet another layer of complexity to existing relationships between characters and give us more insight into what makes each individual tick.

What Would A Thunderbolts Movie Look Like?

If a Thunderbolts movie does indeed get made for the MCU, then we can expect it to be full of action-packed sequences featuring intense battles between heroes and villains alike. It could also potentially feature some humorous moments as well as strong character development between different members of both teams as they strive to work together despite their initial differences. Additionally, depending on which characters are chosen for inclusion in this film, viewers might also be able to enjoy seeing familiar faces from other parts of the franchise making cameos throughout this movie as well.

What Characters Would Be Featured In A Thunderbolts Movie?

Assuming that a Thunderbolts movie were to happen within the MCU, it is likely that many fan-favorite characters from previous movies would make appearances throughout this film. For example, Tony Stark/Iron Man and Steve Rogers/Captain America could both easily be included given their past history with some members of this team such as Baron Zemo and Moonstone. Furthermore, various other superheroes such as Black Widow or Hawkeye may also appear either in minor roles or simply just provide support throughout this story arc. Finally, there’s always potential for other villains from earlier films to make surprise appearances as well in order to create even more conflict for our protagonists to overcome.

Could There Be Connections To Other Movies Within The MCU?

It is entirely possible that a Thunderbolts movie could feature references or connections to other films within the MCU due to its expansive nature. For instance, if Tony Stark makes an appearance then he could potentially bring up his experiences with Captain America Civil War or Infinity War since those events would still have occurred prior to any potential Thunderbolts film taking place. Similarly, characters like Thor or Scarlet Witch could also possibly show up in small roles as they share similar histories with certain members on this team and it would allow them all to interact in interesting ways before going off on their own separate journeys again after resolving whatever plot points were present in this specific film.

Would A New Team Of Superheroes Also Appear In This Film?

As previously mentioned, one unique aspect about the team known as The Thunderbolts is that they initially posed themselves off as reformed versions of Avengers before their true identities were revealed down the line. Therefore it stands to reason that if a Thunderbolts movie were made for the MCU then there may very well be an entirely new set of heroes featured alongside them – ones who haven’t appeared in any other films before now and will be presented as part of an entirely different superhero group altogether (which could include newer interpretations on classic characters). This concept could prove especially intriguing for fans who have grown accustomed to seeing only one side represented throughout most films within this universe thus far; giving viewers something completely fresh should help keep things feeling fresh overall as well!

How Would Villains React To Having Their Own Movie?

Many villains who have been featured throughout various movies within the MCU have largely remained underdeveloped or simply used merely for narrative purposes instead of getting any sort of real characterization outside from a few lines here or there when needed. As such, introducing an entire movie based around The Thunderbolts – which features several iconic villains – would no doubt be an exciting opportunity for many individuals within this cast; allowing them time for development outside from merely serving plot devices alone will surely add layers upon layers worth exploring whenever these characters do return down the line once again too!

Would There Be Spinoffs From A Potential Thunderbolts Movie?

A potential success from a Thunderbolts movie wouldn’t just stop at a single entry either – if audiences find themselves drawn into these newly introduced heroes and villains then there’s no doubt that spinoff movies involving certain members becoming solo acts might very well happen too! Not only would these standalones prove especially beneficial for developing characters further outside from limited screentime within ensemble casts but they’d also open up possibilities regarding additional storylines branching out from wherever they left off afterwards too (such as new alliances forming amongst existing players). This level of exploration is something rarely seen across large franchises today so it’ll definitely offer something unique compared to anything else available right now!


At present time there have only been rumors regarding a potential Thunderbolts movie joining future releases within Marvel Studios’ cinematic slate; however nothing official has yet been announced so we must take these reports with a grain of salt until further information becomes available later down the line instead . Still though if all goes according plan then we can expect plenty thrilling action scenes paired along detailed characterization sprinkled liberally throughout whichever installment decides move forward next!

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