Is The Game of Thrones on Netflix?

Is The Game of Thrones on Netflix?

30 Sec Answer: No, the Game of Thrones series is not currently available to stream on Netflix.

Is The Game of Thrones on Netflix?

The highly acclaimed fantasy TV show Game of Thrones has become one of the most popular and widely-discussed shows in recent years, with millions of viewers tuning in each week to follow the exploits of the various characters from Westeros. Many fans of the show have been wondering if it’s available to watch on Netflix – and unfortunately, for now at least, the answer is no.

What Is Game Of Thrones About?

Game Of Thrones is a hugely successful HBO television series based on George R.R. Martin’s ‘A Song Of Ice And Fire’ novels. It tells the story of several families fighting for control over the mythical land of Westeros, while an ancient evil stirs in the North and the threat of dragons looms in the east. Over its 8 seasons, we’ve seen countless betrayals, battles, heartbreaks and alliances as characters struggle for power within this fantastical world.

Why Isn’t It On Netflix?

The simple answer is that Game Of Thrones is an HBO production and therefore isn’t available to stream on Netflix or any other streaming service outside of HBO GO and HBO Now. While some content produced by HBO has been made available on Netflix (such as Westworld and True Blood), these shows are only available in certain regions.

Can I Watch Any Other Similar Shows On Netflix?

Although you can’t watch Game Of Thrones on Netflix, there are still plenty of great fantasy TV series to enjoy! Some popular titles include The Witcher, Outlander, Stranger Things, American Gods and Lost In Space. Each offers something different in terms of story and characters, so be sure to check them out if you’re looking for something new to watch!

Does Amazon Prime Offer Game Of Thrones?

Yes – Amazon Prime subscribers have access to all 8 seasons of Game Of Thrones via their Prime Video subscription service. As well as being able to watch episodes from previous seasons, Prime members can also purchase additional digital copies from Amazon itself.

Are There Any Other Streaming Services That Offer It?

Yes – aside from Amazon Prime, there are a few other services that offer access to Game Of Thrones such as Hulu and Sling TV. All three services offer different packages depending on what content you want to watch so it’s worth checking out their respective sites for more details.

Do I Need An HBO Subscription To Watch It?

No – you don’t need an HBO subscription in order to watch Game Of Thrones as long as you have access to either Amazon Prime or another streaming service that offers it (such as Hulu or Sling TV). However, if you do have an HBO subscription then you’ll be able to access extra features such as early releases and special behind-the-scenes content.

How Much Does It Cost To Stream On Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime costs $12.99 per month (or $119 per year) which includes access to their extensive library of movies and TV shows including all 8 seasons of Game Of Thrones. This makes it one of the most affordable ways to stream GoT if you don’t already have an HBO subscription!

How Long Is Each Episode?

Each episode of Game Of Thrones usually runs for around 55 minutes – though some season finales have exceeded this time limit due to their extended length!

Is There Any Bonus Content Available?

Yes – if you’re an avid fan of the show then there’s plenty of bonus content available online such as interviews with cast members, behind-the-scenes footage and audio commentaries from producers and directors. Additionally, those with an HBO subscription will also get exclusive access to early releases and special featurettes about upcoming episodes before they air!

Are There Any Alternate Versions Available To Stream?

Yes – some versions of Game Of Thrones are available in languages other than English such as French and Spanish, although these tend to only be available through DVD/Blu-ray sets rather than streaming services like Amazon Prime or Hulu.

Will The Show Ever Be Available On Netflix?

At this stage it doesn’t look likely that Game Of Thrones will ever be added to Netflix’s catalogue – however stranger things have happened so who knows what might happen in future! For now though, your best bet is either buying a physical copy or signing up for one of the streaming services mentioned above if you want to experience the full GoT experience without having to wait too long between episodes!

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