Is Carnage Venoms son?

Is Carnage Venoms son?

30 Sec Answer: No, Carnage is not Venom’s son.


Marvel comics has been churning out superheroes and their antagonists for over 70 years now. Some of the most popular characters from the Marvel universe include Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine and Venom. One of Venom’s most famous antagonists is none other than Carnage. But, is Carnage really Venom’s son? Let’s find out!

What is Carnage?

Carnage is an alien Symbiote that was spawned by Venom in a laboratory experiment conducted by Doctor Conrad Marcus. It was initially bonded to serial killer Cletus Kasady and became one of Spiderman’s deadliest enemies. The combination of Kasady’s psychopathic tendencies with the symbiote gave it a chaotic personality which resulted in Carnage being much more powerful and destructive than Venom ever was.

Who are Cletus Kasady and Eddie Brock?

Cletus Kasady was born in New York City and was considered as a dangerous criminal even at an early age. He was eventually sent to Ryker’s Island prison where he met Eddie Brock who had also been jailed for his crime of using illegal photography techniques to sell fake stories to tabloids. Both shared a hatred for Spider-Man which drew them closer together and created a bond between them that would later lead to the creation of Carnage.

Eddie Brock was originally bonded with the Symbiote known as Venom during his time in prison. This Symbiote granted him superhuman strength, speed, durability and the ability to cling onto walls like Spiderman could but unlike Spidey, Venom had no moral code or conscience which allowed him to use its powers for evil purposes instead of good ones.

How did Carnage come into existence?

Doctor Conrad Marcus wanted to create a stronger version of Venom so he experimented on the Symbiote while it was still attached to Eddie Brock in order to strengthen its abilities. During this process, some excess genetic material escaped from the lab which then found its way into Cletus Kasady’s bloodstream while he was still in prison thus bonding itself to him and creating the new entity known as Carnage.

Unlike Eddie Brock who only used Venom’s powers for personal gain, Cletus Kasady was a much more violent person and used Carnage for mass destruction whenever given an opportunity. Since Carnage was much more powerful than Venom, he posed an even greater threat to society making it imperative that Spider-Man be able to take him down once and for all.

Does venom consider carnage as his son?

Spiderman wasn’t sure if Eddie Brock actually considered himself as Carnage’s father or not but since he had helped in its creation it seemed likely that he would feel some kind of connection towards him. When Spiderman asked Brock about his thoughts regarding Carnage, he replied “No… I don’t think I’d call us father and son… We share something far more primal…I’m almost like his Godfather." From this statement it can be inferred that although Eddie Brock might have felt some sense of responsibility towards what he created, he didn’t see himself as being related to Carnage in any way nor did he feel responsible enough to stop him from doing wrong deeds..

Is carnage venom’s son according to Marvel Canon?

Although there has never been an explicit statement regarding whether or not they are related in any way within Marvel canon, it seems unlikely that they are related in any way other than just sharing a similar origin story due to their different backgrounds and personalities. While both were created from experiments done on the same Symbiote (Venom), they each have their own unique motivations and goals which make it hard for them to form any sort of parental relationship between each other regardless of how powerful either one might be compared to the other.

How did Cletus kasady become carnaege ?

As mentioned earlier, Doctor Conrad Marcus wanted to create a stronger version of Venom so he experimented on it while it was still attached to Eddie Brock in orderto strengthen its abilities. During this process some excess genetic material escaped from the lab which then found its way into Cletus Kasady’s bloodstream while he was still incarcerated at Rykers Island thus bonding itself with him and creating the new entity known as Carnage. It is unknown exactly why or how this happened but it seems likely that Doctor Conrad Marcus may have deliberately released the extra material into Kasadys cellblock due too wanting someone strong enought o handle such power properly or else risk unleashing an unstoppable monster upon mankind .

Is carnage immortal ?

Carnage cannot technically be considered immortal since he can still be killed under certain circumstances however he does possess near immortality thanks largely to his healing factor which allows him regenerative capabilities far surpassing those of normal humans as well as other superhuman beings such as Deadpool or Wolverine .This means that unless his opponent is able o target vital organs or severly damage his body beyond repair ,carnage will always return no matter how many times you try tio kill him off .

Can carnage control people ?

Yes , Carnagemay posses limited mind control capabilities via manipulation of pheromones which allow him o influence people around him ;this power works best on animals but can also work on certain weaker minded individuals depending on th extentof their mental defences . Additionally ,if carnages biological makeup comes into contact with another life form then that creature may temporarily gain enhanced physical attributes when attacked by carnage . Thisis because cature contains traces of venom ,which transferred directly onto whatever creature attacks it;this means that even if carnage gets hurt by someone else then they too may end up getting infected with this alien substance .

Does caarnege have enhanced senses ?

Yes , Carnage does possess heightened sensory capabilities such as night vision ,thermal imaging ,and infrared vision among others;these enhancements give herm access ot sight outside teh rangefof normal human vision making her very difficult o track especiallyin dark areas where human eyesight fails miserably . On top o these visual upgrades ,hishearing acuity als exceeds hte limits set upon mortal men meaning hat hes easily able toe detect slight sound differences no matter where they are coming from or how faint they mighy be .

Is there anyone more powerful than carange ?

Yes ,there are many characters within Marvel Comics who are significantly morepowerful than Carnage;some examples include Galactus ,the Living Tribunal ,or even cosmic entities suchas Eternity or Infinity . Even amongst superheroes such figures reign supreme thanks too their godlike abilities ranging froim reality alterationtoo energy projection or matter manipulation;these powers make them virtually invulnerable hence giving them ultimate authority over mortals likevenomor carnage .


In conclusion ,it is safe tp say that despite coming from teh same source (venom)and sharinf similar powers ,Carnage shouldnotbe consdired ar soneo f Venoms offspring primarily because there exists no official proof stating otherwise within marvel canon ;itseemsthat whilstthey may sharea common origin story neither character truly considers themselves familydue tp different upbringingstoo divergent personalities ;moreover ther eare manysuperior forcesout ther ewithin marvel comics whosepower eclipses anythingcaranagecan throwat them so overall we can safely assume thatecxeptthroughblood relation ther eis no realsway fo rthem ro connect n any meaningful manner .

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