How to learn real magic?

How to learn real magic?

30 Sec Answer: To learn real magic, you need to understand the fundamentals of magical thinking and practice regularly. You also need to find a mentor or teacher who can guide you through the basics and provide advice when needed.


Magic has been part of humanity’s history for centuries. Its influence is still present today, from stage shows to movies. Many people believe in its power, while others are more skeptical. Regardless of your beliefs, learning how to perform real magic requires dedication and hard work. In this article, we will explore how to learn real magic and dispel some of the myths associated with it.

What is Real Magic?

Real magic is often defined as the manipulation of energy by invoking certain forces or entities. It may involve rituals and spells designed to influence reality or create an effect that cannot be explained by natural laws. Although it may appear mysterious and impossible, there is a logical explanation behind each action taken in real magic. It is important to understand that there are different types of real magic, ranging from white magic (used for healing and protection) to black magic (which has dark intentions).

Benefits of Learning Real Magic

Learning real magic can bring many benefits, both tangible and intangible. On a practical level, it can help improve concentration and focus, which could have positive effects on other aspects of life such as studying or job performance. It can also help increase self-confidence and gain insights into our own psychology, leading to improved self-awareness. Furthermore, it can foster creativity and imagination, allowing us to tap into hidden potentials that we may not have realized before.

The Fundamentals of Magical Thinking

Before attempting any type of spellcasting or ritual, it is essential to understand the fundamentals of magical thinking. This involves understanding the principles of energy manipulation, visualization techniques, meditation practices, and other basic concepts related to magickal working. Once these are mastered, it becomes easier to grasp more complex topics such as astrology or numerology. It is also important to keep in mind that performing spells correctly requires discipline and patience; this is why having a mentor or teacher is so important.

How to Find a Mentor/Teacher

Finding someone who can provide guidance while you are learning real magic is essential for progress. A good teacher should have years of experience in their field and should be able to explain concepts clearly and concisely. A mentor should also be willing to answer any questions you might have about the process or offer suggestions on what spells or rituals would be most effective for your current situation. While finding a mentor can take some time, it is worth investing effort since they will provide invaluable advice during your journey towards mastering real magic.

Rituals & Spellcasting

Once the fundamentals have been established, it’s time to move onto rituals and spellcasting. As mentioned before, these require careful planning and preparation; otherwise they won’t yield results. Before starting any type of spellcasting session, make sure you know exactly what result you want from it; this will help make sure all the components are properly aligned for maximum efficiency. Also remember that rituals take time—they aren’t instantaneous solutions! Make sure you allow yourself enough time for them without rushing the process; this way you can achieve better results over time.

Ethical Considerations

When dealing with real magic, ethical considerations must be kept in mind at all times; after all, its power shouldn’t be abused or misused! Ensure that every decision made while practicing follows universal ethical principles such as respect for free will or non-interference in another person’s affairs unless necessary for safety reasons (e.g., stopping someone from committing suicide). Keep in mind that using magical powers irresponsibly could lead to serious consequences down the line so always think twice before taking any action!

Sources & Resources

Learning about real magic requires dedication and plenty of research! Luckily there are many sources available nowadays that provide information on various topics related to magickal working such as books written by experienced practitioners, online courses created by reputable teachers, videos featuring interviews with experts etc… Take advantage of these resources whenever possible—they can save you time when trying to absorb new material quickly! Additionally consider joining discussion forums or attending local events where like-minded individuals meet up—these places can provide helpful advice tailored specifically towards your needs as well as moral support throughout your journey!

Final Thoughts

Learning real magic isn’t easy but it can be incredibly rewarding once you become proficient at it! Understanding the fundamentals is essential as well as finding someone who can provide guidance when needed; don’t forget about ethical considerations either! Finally don’t forget about sources & resources—utilize them whenever possible in order to speed up your learning process! With enough dedication & patience anything is possible so never give up even if things seem tough at first!

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