How to draw a Mew?

How to draw a Mew?

30 Sec Answer: In order to draw a Mew, you will need paper and drawing materials such as pencils, erasers, markers, or colored pencils. Begin by lightly sketching the basic shape of the Pokémon using simple geometric shapes like ovals and rectangles. Then add details like eyes, ears, mouth, claws, whiskers, fur tufts and feet. Lastly color your Mew with bright colors to make it look realistic.


Are you a fan of the ever-popular Pokémon series? Would you love to learn how to draw one of its iconic characters? Drawing is a fun way to express your creativity and bring your favorite characters to life! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist looking for some inspiration, this article will show you step-by-step how to draw a Mew – one of the original 151 Pokémon from the first generation games!

Materials Needed

Before you start drawing, it is important to have all of the necessary materials at hand. Here is a list of items that can be helpful when learning how to draw a Mew:

  • Paper (preferably thicker than regular printer paper)
  • Pencils (mechanical pencils work best)
  • Erasers (to erase mistakes)
  • Markers or Colored Pencils (for coloring in the drawing after it’s complete)
  • Ruler (for making straight lines)

Step 1: Draw the Outline of Mew’s Body

Now that you have all the materials needed, it’s time to get started on drawing! Begin by lightly sketching out the general shape of Mew with basic geometric shapes such as ovals and rectangles. Be sure not to press too hard on your pencil as these initial lines will be erased later on. Remember that there isn’t just one right way to draw any character; so don’t be afraid to experiment and find what works best for you!

Step 2: Add Features

Once you have the outline finished, it’s time to start adding features. First begin by adding Mew’s signature eyes; two small circles located near the top half of its head. Next add its ears which are curved triangles pointing upward from either side of its head. Follow this up with its small nose and then add details such as its whiskers, claws, fur tufts and tiny feet underneath its body.

Step 3: Clean Up Your Sketch

Now that you have all the main features added it’s time for some clean up work! Go back over your sketch and erase any unwanted lines left behind from earlier steps. You may also want to darken some parts if they appear too light or fuzzy. Make sure every line is neat and precise before moving onto the next step!

Step 4: Start Coloring Your Drawing

Once your sketch looks exactly how you want it to, now comes the fun part – adding color! For this step you will need either markers or colored pencils depending on what type of finish you prefer. Start by shading in areas like Mew’s face, belly and tail with various shades of pink and purple. Then add details like its eyes with white or black; its fur tufts with yellow; claws with grey; and finally create little stars along its backside using blue and green.

Step 5: Final Touches & Finishing Touches

The last step in completing your drawing is giving it those final touches! Use your eraser once again to tidy up any smudges or mistakes made during coloring in step four. You can also use darker shades of each color already used to give even more depth and realism to your drawing. Lastly if desired use white accents around certain edges or sections like around its eyes or on portions of its fur tuft tips for extra definition.


Congratulations – now that you have completed all five steps your very own Mew drawing is complete! Have fun showing off your artwork or use it as an inspirational tool for future drawings. No matter what level artist you are everyone can appreciate mastering this classic pocket monster character!

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