How old was Ned Stark when he died?

How old was Ned Stark when he died?

30 Sec Answer: Ned Stark was 38 years old when he died.


The fate of Eddard Stark, better known as Ned, is one of the most tragic and memorable deaths in television history. He had been a major character on the HBO series Game of Thrones since its first season, and his death marked a turning point in the show’s narrative. But how old was Ned Stark when he died? In this article we will explore the answer to this question and delve into some other interesting facts about his life.

Background Information

Eddard "Ned" Stark was born in 259 AC (After the Conquest) according to the timeline established by George R.R. Martin in his novel A Game of Thrones. This means that at the time of his death, he would have been 38 years old (in 297 AC). His date of birth is not mentioned explicitly in the books or show, however there are some references that suggest it could be around 241 AC.

Education and Early Life

Ned spent much of his childhood at Winterfell with his siblings Brandon, Lyanna, Benjen, and Arya Stark. He received training from master-at-arms Ser Rodrik Cassel who taught him swordsmanship and combat skills. As a young adult, he also went on to serve under Jon Arryn as an anointed knight and Lord of the Vale before returning home to become Lord of Winterfell after his father’s death.

Marriage and Children

At age 16, Ned married Catelyn Tully in an arranged marriage. The couple went on to have five children together; Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran, and Rickon Stark. Despite their arranged union, they developed a deep love for each other over time and were devoted parents to their children.

Rise to Power & Leadership Qualities

In 298 AC King Robert Baratheon appointed Ned as Hand of the King—the most powerful position in Westeros next to the monarch himself—and tasked him with ruling the Seven Kingdoms in Robert’s stead while he went hunting with Renly Baratheon. Although short-lived, Ned’s leadership showed off many qualities including strength, fairness, justice and honour – all things which helped establish him as a beloved leader among both commoners and nobility alike.

Friendship With Robert Baratheon

Ned had been friends with Robert since childhood, when they were both fostered at Storm’s End by Lord Steffon Baratheon during Robert’s Rebellion against Aerys Targaryen. Afterward they stayed close friends despite holding different positions within court—Robert being king and Ned serving as Hand—but always looked out for one another’s best interests even until Ned’s untimely demise.

Relationship With Cersei Lannister

Although initially friendly towards Cersei Lannister—who became Queen upon marrying Robert Baratheon—Ned soon realised her true colours after discovering her incestuous affair with Jaime Lannister along with her plot to kill Robert’s son Joffrey (her own child from the same affair). Subsequently becoming enemies instead of allies, it was ultimately Cersei’s scheming that led to Ned’s execution for treason due to confessing something she falsely accused him of doing.

Honourable Actions Taken During His Rule

Despite having held such a high ranking position for a short amount of time (less than one year), Ned managed to accomplish a great deal during this period through justifiable acts such as reducing taxes for smallfolk citizens, making sure there was enough food for all during hard times like winter season(which previously left many starving due to scarce resources), punishing criminals who acted unjustly without biasness etc.. These actions earned him further respect from people throughout seven kingdoms — showing what kind of ruler he truly was: just & fair!

Execution By Joffrey

In season 1 episode 9 titled Baelor (also referred as ‘The High Sparrow’),Joffrey Baratheon sentenced Ned to death by beheading for false accusations that Cersei had put forth against him — resulting in last words spoken “I am Eddard Stark… I keep my oaths". This infamous scene has gone down in GoT history as one of its most shocking moments — forever remembered fondly by fans around world who still mourn his loss today!

Death At 38 Years Old

Ultimately, Ned Stark died at 38 years old after suffering through so much hardship throughout his life; yet still remained loyal & honest till very end – earning him respect amongst viewers everywhere regardless if they knew much about game thrones prior or not! He will continue living on through memories those who loved him once shared — standing testament values integrity courage embody more than any other character ever did!

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