How old is Waluigi?

How old is Waluigi?

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Waluigi is a fictional character in the Mario franchise and his age has never been revealed.


Waluigi, also known as Wario’s brother or rival, is a character from Nintendo’s Mario series. He first appeared as an antagonist in Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64. Since then he has made appearances in various spin-off titles of the series, as well as being featured in several promotional materials. While it is clear that Waluigi is a relatively young character compared to other characters in the series such as Bowser and Toad, his exact age remains unknown. This article will look into what evidence we have to help determine how old Waluigi might be.

What does the source material tell us?

When looking at the source material for the Mario games, it is difficult to accurately determine how old Waluigi might be. In most cases, his age is not directly referenced and he is rarely seen interacting with any other characters outside of his fellow villainous counterparts. However, there are some clues which may give us an indication as to how old Waluigi could be.

Physical Appearance

The most obvious clue to determining Waluigi’s age lies in his physical appearance. He has a very tall and lanky figure which could indicate he is somewhere between 18-25 years of age. His long face often features mischievous eyes and a sinister grin which hint at him being younger than many of the more established characters like Bowser and Princess Peach. The fact that he dresses entirely in purple (aside from white gloves) could suggest that he is trying to make a statement about his age; purple often being associated with youthfulness and rebellion.


Another clue to Waluigi’s age comes from his personality traits and mentality. Despite usually playing an antagonistic role within the Mario games, Waluigi can often come off as quite naive and immature when compared to the likes of Bowser or even Wario himself. This suggests that he may still be relatively young due to lack of experience and understanding of certain situations which would normally require someone older and wiser to properly handle them. Furthermore, his enthusiasm for challenges (which often end up being malicious schemes) imply that he enjoys getting into trouble and this behaviour can generally be linked back to adolescence/youthfulness rather than adulthood or maturity.

Supporting Characters’ Ages

We can also use the ages of other supporting characters in the Mario universe to try and estimate how old Waluigi might be. For example, Luigi (Waluigi’s “brother”) is believed to be around 20-25 years old so it would make sense if Waluigi was within a similar age range given their connection/history together. Similarly, Wario (who is sometimes referred to as Waluigi’s twin brother) appears to be around 30 years old so this could mean that Waluigi too may also be approaching this same age bracket depending on their birth order/parentage etcetera.

Voice Actor

One of the more interesting pieces of evidence for Waluigi’s age comes from looking at who voices him in each game/media instance where he appears. Charles Martinet has been voicing him since 1999 when he first appeared in Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64 console and Martinet himself is now 68 years old; suggesting that if they kept using him over two decades later then it could point towards Waluigi having remained relatively unchanged throughout this time span i.e being younger than 68 years old!


From all these clues, it seems likely that Waluigis age lies somewhere between 18-30 years old; though without any concrete information regarding his parentage or place of birth it remains impossible to pin down exactly how old he really is! Nonetheless, regardless of his actual age, one thing remains clear: whether you love him or hate him, everyone can agree that he adds plenty of charm and entertainment whenever appearing in a Mario title!

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