How old is Thanos?

How old is Thanos?

30 Sec Answer: Thanos is an ancient and powerful being, who is said to be around one thousand years old.

How Old Is Thanos?

In the Marvel Universe, few characters are as mysterious or as feared as the Mad Titan known as Thanos. He’s an extraterrestrial with superhuman strength and intelligence who has devoted his life to eradicating half of all living creatures in order to bring balance to the universe. But how old is he? Let’s explore.

What We Know About Thanos’ Age

It is widely accepted that Thanos is a very old being, likely several centuries old. The character first appeared in 1973, when he was depicted as a middle-aged man in Infinity Gauntlet #1. However, it is thought that Thanos was already alive long before this time period, given the number of times he has encountered other powerful figures such as Galactus and Ego the Living Planet.

Where Did Thanos Come From?

Thanos hails from Titan, a moon of Saturn which was once populated by a highly advanced species called the Titans. According to various sources within the comics and films, Titan’s inhabitants were killed off due to overpopulation, leaving only a handful of survivors including Thanos. It is believed that these survivors went on to become incredibly powerful due to their access to advanced technology and experimentation with cosmic forces. As such, it can be assumed that Thanos is at least several centuries old – potentially much older if he used any means available to extend his lifespan.

His Appearance Has Changed Over Time

Due to his longevity and extended exposure to cosmic energies, Thanos’ physical appearance has changed drastically since his introduction into the Marvel Universe. For example, early depictions show him looking like an elderly man with wrinkles and grey hair; however, more recent appearances have shown him looking younger and healthier due to prolonged use of special technologies designed to sustain him for extended periods of time. This leads some fans to speculate that Thanos may not actually be aging naturally at all – or at least not at the same rate as a human would expect.

Different Versions Of His Age Have Been Given

Various official sources have provided different age estimates for Thanos over the years. In 2003’s Infinity Abyss mini-series, writer Jim Starlin wrote that "by [Titan] reckoning", Thanos was over one thousand years old. Likewise, in 2007’s Annihilation: Conquest series by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning suggested that he had been active for "thousands" of years prior.

However, in 2013’s Guardians of the Galaxy comic series by Brian Michael Bendis & Steve McNiven (which inspired the movie), readers were given another estimate – one which put Thanos’ age closer to 800 years old instead. Regardless of which version you choose to believe though, it seems clear that no matter what we call it – Thanos is an ancient being indeed!

How Has He Managed To Live So Long?

The answer to this question lies within two factors: access to advanced technology and mastery of magic/cosmic forces. Thanks to his scientific knowledge, Thanos was able utilize futuristic devices such as regenerative cocoons which allowed him heal quickly from injuries and extend his lifespan far beyond what would normally be expected for someone so ancient. Furthermore, through his study of mystical arts (as seen in Warlock Vol 1 #10) and manipulation of cosmic energies (most notably during Infinity Gauntlet #1), he could effectively prolong his own life indefinitely if need be – making him virtually immortal in some ways!

Could He Live Even Longer?

Given his knowledge and understanding of science/magic/cosmic energy manipulation, there doesn’t appear anything stopping him from extending his life even further than what he currently has achieved thus far. In fact, many believe that should he ever obtain complete control over reality itself – something which could happen should he manage gather together all six Infinity Stones again – then nothing would stand in his way of attaining true immortality!


So while we may never know exactly how old Thanos truly is (unless he decides to reveal himself!), we do know enough about him now through various sources within both comics and movies that suggest he must certainly be hundreds – if not thousands – of years old! And thanks to his access special technology/abilities which allow him manipulate time/space itself on a grand scale, there really isn’t any telling just how long he could potentially live for!

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