How old is chef pee pee?

How old is chef pee pee?

How old is Chef Pee Pee?

30 Sec Answer: As of 2020, Chef Pee Pee is 45 years old.

Chef Pee Pee, otherwise known as Mario Lomelino, is a beloved YouTuber who first began creating content in 2010. He has become an internet sensation over the past decade, gaining millions of subscribers and views on his videos. As of April 2020, he has almost 2 million subscribers and his videos have been watched more than 885 million times! With all this fame and popularity, many fans are curious to know just how old Chef Pee Pee really is. Let’s dive into the details to find out!

What year was chef pee pee born?

Chef Pee Pee was born in 1975 in Miami, Florida. His exact date of birth is not known but it is estimated that he celebrated his 44th birthday in 2019.

How did chef pee pee become famous?

Chef Pee Pee rose to fame after posting videos of him cooking different meals for his friends and family. In 2010, he started making videos about Super Mario Bros., which quickly went viral and gained him even more attention from viewers around the world. From there, he continued to create content related to food, video games, sports, music, movies and much more. His ability to make people laugh with his unique brand of humor made him an instant hit on YouTube.

What does chef pee pee do now?

Nowadays, Chef Pee Pee continues to post entertaining videos on YouTube and also streams himself playing video games on Twitch. He often interacts with his viewers during live streams and makes sure to keep them entertained with jokes or fun facts about whatever game he is playing. He also takes part in several charity events each year to help those in need.

How long has chef pee pee been making youtube videos?

Chef Pee Pee has been creating content on YouTube since 2010 when he first started posting Super Mario Bros. videos. Since then, he has steadily increased the amount of videos that he produces every month and currently posts multiple videos per week for his loyal fanbase.

How popular is chef pee pee?

Chef Pee Pee’s channel has grown significantly over the years and currently boasts almost 2 million subscribers as well as over 885 million total views across all of his videos! This proves just how popular he has become over the last 10 years and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Does chef pee pee have any awards?

Yes! Chef Pee Pee won a Streamy Award for Best Gaming Channel at the 7th annual ceremony in 2018. The Streamy Awards recognize excellence in online video programming by honoring creators from various genres such as comedy, beauty & fashion, lifestyle and gaming channels like Chef PeePee’s own channel.

Does chef pee pee have any other social media accounts?

Yes! Aside from YouTube, Chef PeePee also has an active Twitter account where he regularly tweets about topics related to video games, food, sports and more. He also has an Instagram account that features pictures of himself along with some behind-the-scenes looks at what goes on during his streams or recordings of his latest YouTube video projects.

Does chef peepee have any other hobbies outside of Youtube/gaming?

Outside of creating content for his YouTube channel or streaming on Twitch, Chef PeePee enjoys doing activities such as fishing and kayaking with friends or watching football with family members whenever he gets free time away from work commitments. Additionally, he loves exploring new places with his wife and two sons whenever they can get away together for a vacation or road trip somewhere fun.

Is chef peepee married?

Yes! Chef PeePee married Samantha Brannan back in 2013 after dating her for several years prior to tying the knot. Together they have two children: Maxwell (born 2015) and Luca (born 2017).

What types of food does chef peepee cook?

As one might expect given his name, ChefPeePees specialty lies in cooking Italian cuisine – specifically dishes such as pizza calzone pie, spaghetti carbonara meatball sandwiches and lasagna cupcakes – but he isn’t limited only to Italian fare! He likes to mix things up by occasionally throwing in recipes from different countries such as Mexican tacos or Chinese stir fry noodles too!

Does chef peepee have any other projects outside of Youtube/Twitch?

Aside from producing content for both YouTube and Twitch streaming platforms, ChefPees also involved in other side projects such as developing mobile apps related to gaming or cooking; writing articles for magazines or blogs; providing voiceovers for commercials or animated films; appearing at events around the world; collaborating with brands; starting charities; coaching others who wish to pursue their passions through video creation; or working on special projects such as writing books or launching podcasts series focused on interesting topics like food culture or trends within the gaming industry..

What type of camera equipment does chef peep use?

When recording his videos for YouTube or Twitch streams , ChefPees uses a variety of camera equipment including a Canon EOS 70D DSLR Camera Kit with an EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM Lens plus an extra lens (either a 18-55mm f/3 .5-5 .6 IS STM Lens or a 55-250mm f/4-5 .6 IS II Lens); a Blue Yeti USB Microphone ; 3 LED lights with adjustable stands; a RODE SmartLav+ lavalier microphone; Final Cut Pro X editing software; Sennheiser HD280 headphones; Adobe After Effects; various accessories such as clamps tripods filters batteries etc.;

Who are some influencers that chef peep follows on social media?

Chef Pees follows many other influential figures across all platforms including chefs like Jamie Oliver Gordon Ramsay Giada De Laurentiis Guy Fieri Martha Stewart Bobby Flay Wolfgang puck etc.; gamers such as Pewdiepie Markiplier Jacksepticeye Ninja shroud DrDisrespect etc.; musicians like Drake Cardi B Travis Scott Eminem J Cole Lil Wayne Nicki Minaj etc.; athletes LeBron James Michael Jordan Serena Williams Tom Brady Cristiano Ronaldo Lionel Messi Neymar Jr Usain Bolt etc.; actors Will Smith Jennifer Aniston Chris Pratt Robert Downey Jr Dwayne Johnson Gal Gadot Emma Watson etc.; TV personalities Ellen DeGeneres Jimmy Fallon Stephen Colbert Trevor Noah Jimmy Kimmel John Oliver David Letterman Oprah Winfrey James Corden Robin Roberts Ryan Seacrest etc.; politicians Barack Obama Joe Biden Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders Donald Trump Kamala Harris Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Nancy Pelosi Mitt Romney Mitch McConnell Justin Trudeau Boris Johnson Emmanuel Macron Angela Merkel Shinzo Abe Vladimir Putin etc..

What kind of sponsorships does chef peep participate in?

Chef Pees participates in several sponsored campaigns ranging from promoting products that relate directly to his channel content (e .g , kitchen appliances food items snacks beverages drinks restaurants cookbooks recipes etc.) to working alongside brands such as McDonald’s Playstation Nintendo Xbox Honda Mercedes Sony Microsoft Intel Visa MasterCard American Express PayPal Apple Samsung Verizon T Mobile Sprint AT&T Lenovo Dell Asus Acer HP Huawei LG Xiaomi OPPO Vivo OnePlus Motorola Nokia HTC Alcatel ZTE Google Amazon Walmart Target Kohl’s Macy’s Best Buy Barnes & Noble Lowe’s IKEA Office Depot Staples Toys "R" Us H&M Forever 21 Urban Outfitters Adidas Nike Reebok Fila New Balance Under Armour Champion Skechers Converse etc ..

Does chef peep produce merchandise ?

Yes! On top of producing content for YouTube and Twitch , Chef Pees also sells merchandise featuring designs inspired by some of his most popular characters phrases quotes catchphrases logos images artwork illustrations photos stickers pins patches mugs caps shirts hoodies jackets sweaters socks leggings bags phone cases blankets pillows notebooks journals notebooks diaries planners cards gift wrap wall art prints canvas posters framed prints frames stickers murals wallpaper décor pillows throws cushions tapestries bedding bath mats towels shower curtains aprons pot holders oven mitts coasters tablecloths place mats napkins placemats paper plates cups mugs glasses water bottles flasks travel mugs tumblers lunch boxes keychains bookmarks magnets buttons bumper stickers skateboard decks wheels grip tape apparel costumes toys dolls stuffed animals puzzles board games card games educational kits tools home improvement supplies car accessories technology gadgets phones tablets computers laptops printers scanners cameras audio equipment speakers headphones earbuds sunglasses eyeglasses jewelry watches rings necklaces bracelets cufflinks bangles anklets pendants charms beads body jewelry piercings haircare cosmetics makeup beauty skin care health supplements vitamins fitness exercise gear sporting goods outdoor gear camping gear tents sleeping bags furniture lighting decor rugs carpets area rugs window treatments blinds curtains drapes shades shutters candles scents fragrances perfumes colognes lotions creams oils grooming essentials men women baby kids pets pet supplies gifts souvenirs collectibles memorabilia books comics magazines newspapers stationery envelopes wrapping paper stickers flags banners decorations party supplies holiday decorations food drinks baking ingredients sauces spices rubs marinades seasonings desserts cakes pies cookies brownies muffins bars ice cream milkshakes smoothies juices teas coffees wines beers spirits liquors whiskeys bourbons vodka rum gin 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