How old is Arya Stark in season 1?

How old is Arya Stark in season 1?

30 Sec Answer: In season 1 of Game of Thrones, Arya Stark is 9 years old.


Game of Thrones is one of the most popular television shows in history and has millions of fans around the world. The show has captivated audiences for eight seasons, with a ninth season coming soon. One of the main characters on the show is Arya Stark, who plays an important role throughout the series. Fans have long wondered how old Arya was when the show first started and if her age changes over time. This article will explore this question by looking at Arya’s age in season 1 of Game of Thrones.


Arya Stark is a fictional character created by George R.R. Martin for his fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and Fire. She is portrayed by actress Maisie Williams on the HBO television adaptation Game of Thrones. Arya is the youngest daughter of Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell, and his wife Catelyn Tully. She has three older brothers – Robb, Bran, and Rickon – as well as two sisters – Sansa and Lyanna (who died before Arya was born). Throughout the series, she grows up to become a powerful warrior despite her young age.

Season 1 Timeline

The first season of Game of Thrones begins in 10 Aengarys 298 AL (After Landing), which corresponds to 17th April 2011 in real-time dating. By this point in time, Arya is already nine years old having been born on 12th June 299 AL (16th September 2002). In other words, at the start of season 1 she is already a precocious nine year old girl!

Setting Up Home At Winterfell

At the beginning of the season, we see Arya settling into her new home at Winterfell after leaving King’s Landing with her father and sister. Here she makes friends with Jon Snow and starts training with swordmaster Syrio Forel while learning how to read and write from Maester Luwin. While adjusting to life in Winterfell, we also learn that she doesn’t fit in with the traditional expectations placed upon girls such as sewing and embroidery; instead she prefers playing with swords or exploring beyond castle walls!

Meeting Her Future Friends & Foes

In the course of season 1, Arya meets many people who will later become either close friends or enemies including Yoren, Hot Pie, Gendry and Jaqen H’ghar (who gives her a special coin). Alongside these meetings, we also witness her reunion with Nymeria – her pet direwolf whom she had sent away from King’s Landing earlier in the season – which further serves to solidify our understanding that Arya has come into her own at this point in time.

Journey Beyond The Wall

By the end of season 1 we find out that Arya has ventured beyond The Wall alongside Yoren and his Night Watch recruits en route to The Wall under orders from Tywin Lannister. It is here where we really get to see just how much grit and determination young Arya possesses as she goes through a difficult journey filled with danger and death along the way!


Overall it can be seen that during season 1 Arya Stark is already 9 years old – a precocious young girl whose courage far surpasses that expected from someone so young! Despite being only 9 years old she finds herself embarking on great adventures both within Westeros (beyond The Wall) as well as outside its borders where she eventually meets up with some very unlikely allies! As viewers continue to watch the show it will be interesting to see just how much more courageous this remarkable young lady can become as she continues to grow up!

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