How old are the Eternals?

How old are the Eternals?

30 Sec Answer: The Eternals are an ancient race of superhuman beings, believed to have been created by the Celestials millions of years ago. Their exact age is unknown but they are thought to be at least a million years old.


The Eternals are a mysterious race of super-powered individuals with origins that date back to prehistoric times. They first appeared in Marvel Comics in 1976 and were created by Jack Kirby. Since then, the Eternals have become an integral part of the Marvel Universe, having played roles in many storylines over the years. But how old are the Eternals? This article will explore this question and offer some insight into their history and origin.

What Are The Eternals?

The Eternals are an evolutionary offshoot of humanity that was genetically engineered by the extraterrestrial beings known as Celestials millions of years ago. They possess superhuman abilities such as flight, enhanced strength and durability, energy projection, telepathy, and more. As their name implies, they are virtually immortal and can live for thousands of years without aging.

Who Are The Key Members Of The Eternals?

There are several key members of the Eternals who have been featured prominently in various Marvel comics and movies over the years. These include Ikaris, Makkari, Sersi, Ajak, Sprite, Thena, Zuras, Druig, Gilgamesh, Phastos, Gammenon and Kingo Sunenaki. Each Eternal has unique powers and abilities that set them apart from one another and make them powerful allies when facing a common threat.

How Did The Eternals Come To Be?

As previously mentioned, the Eternals were created by the alien race known as Celestials around one million years ago. At this time on Earth, there were two races: Homo sapiens (humans) and Homo mermanus (aquatic humanoids). The Celestials experimented on both species in order to create a race of superhumans capable of defending Earth against any threats it might face in future millennia. These experiments resulted in the creation of the Eternals.

What Is The Purpose Of The Eternals?

The purpose of the Eternals is to protect humanity from outside forces or those who seek to exploit its resources or harm its citizens. In addition to providing defense against external threats, they also act as ambassadors between humans and other alien races throughout space. Furthermore, they serve as advisors to governments across the globe on matters pertaining to intergalactic affairs and potential conflicts with extraterrestrial entities.

Where Do The Eternals Live?

The majority of the Eternal population resides on Earth in a hidden city known as Olympia which is located somewhere within Europe or Asia Minor. Here they live peacefully amongst each other while still keeping their existence secret from humankind at large. However there are smaller communities scattered across different parts of the world such as Atlantis which is home to an Atlantean branch of the race.

Have There Been Any Other Races Like The Eternals?

Yes there have been other races similar to the Eternals throughout history though none quite as powerful or advanced as them. One example would be the Deviants who shared some physical similarities but had a much shorter life span than their counterparts due to genetic instability caused by random mutation over time. Similarly there was also a short lived race known as Homo monstrosity who existed briefly before becoming extinct due to their inability to reproduce successfully after generations of crossbreeding with animals native to their environment..

What Are Some Of The Abilities Possessed By The Eternals?

As stated above, all members of this race possess superhuman strength, speed & durability plus regenerative healing capabilities & extended lifespans that enable them to survive even death itself if necessary! They also have access to a variety of mental & physical disciplines including psychic manipulation which allows them control over minds & bodies as well as limited psionic abilities such asteleportation & telekinesis; these talents vary greatly depending upon individual talent & practice! Additionally certain members may exhibit additional powers like cosmic energy manipulation or immunity from disease/poisoning due to genetic engineering from the Celestials during their creation process…making them truly unique among superbeings!

What Is The Relationship Between Humans And The Eternals?

Humans have generally viewed the presence of Eternals on Earth with suspicion and distrust given their secretive nature and advanced powers which often leads people feeling threatened by them or resentful towards them especially since they cannot be killed by conventional means! Despite this however there have been moments where mutual respect & admiration has developed between both groups culminating most recently during Thanos’ invasion when an unlikely alliance was formed between Iron Man’s team & Captain America’s squad along with a number of other superhero teams supported by both mortals & immortals alike! This unprecedented show of unity provided enough strength that ultimately allowed our heroes prevail against insurmountable odds!

How Old Are The Eternals?

It is believed that the creation of the first generation of Eternals took place about one million years ago thanks to genetic tinkering performed by Celestial scientists on primitive man thus making them one of oldest living races on Earth – even predating mankind itself! This would make them potentially older than even recorded civilization meaning they could have seen great empires rise & fall while remaining ever vigilant protectors throughout millennia despite often being hidden away beneath society’s radar!

Are There Any Subspecies Within The Eternal Race?

While all members share similar physical characteristics due largely to their artificial origin there are some distinct subspecies within this larger group namely; Deviants (mutated forms possessing unusual features such as blue skin or horns), Hiemalians (cold adapted species adapted for extreme arctic climates) & Uni-Minds (combined consciousnesses capable telepathy). All three branches appear less frequently than traditional members do however so it’s unclear exactly how long these divisions have existed within Eternal ranks or if indeed new mutations could yet arise out from existing lines sometime down line…

What Are Some Notable Achievements Of The Eternals?

Over millennia countless accomplishments have been achieved by members of this powerful race whether alone or collectively through alliances formed with others; some notable examples include helping Thor locate his hammer Mjolnir during Ragnarok; aiding Doctor Strange’s fight against Dormammu; protecting Asgard from Malekith’s invasion force; thwarting Galactus’ attempts at consuming planets & defeating Apocalypse’s Horseman during World War II just name few! Furthermore recent events suggest that not only did they play critical role stopping Thanos mad plan eradicate half universe but perhaps also contributed heavily maintaining peace following its conclusion too…

What Do We Know About Their Relationships With Gods And Other Supernatural Entities?

Despite initially being mistaken gods themselves once discovered by primitive man early eons ago later interactions suggest strong alliances exist between immortals pantheons specifically Olympian Greco-Roman gods which seen help favor many occasions proving loyal friends faithful allies when needed most! Further proof comes form established partnerships between third parties like Scarlet Witch Magik leading us believe stronger links remain untapped deep recesses mystical realms perhaps hinting powerful bonds transcend mortal boundaries enabling rare truces bridge gaps divide otherwise prevent cooperation altogether…

What Does The Future Hold For Them?

As guardians peace security it highly likely Eternal population continue guard our planet from external dangers offering aid where necessary maintain harmony rather than actively taking part political battles leaving decisions responsibility respective leaders ensuring interference kept minimal possible levels though presence alone already invaluable resource should major conflict break out across cosmos again someday soon…or near future course only time tell what fate holds store these timeless keepers balance ultimate hope remains true power kindness empathy will carry day yet again whatever challenges come forth same way proved do since dawn civilization bringing hope better future generations come…

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