How many Jedi survived Order 66?

How many Jedi survived Order 66?

30 Sec Answer: Estimates range from a handful to a few thousand Jedi surviving Order 66, but the exact number is unknown.


Order 66 was a secret protocol embedded into all clones of the Grand Army of the Republic. When triggered, it mandated that they turn against their former allies, the Jedi Knights, and execute them in order to ensure the security of the Galactic Empire. The tragedy of Order 66 marked a major turning point in galactic history, as it virtually wiped out the Jedi Order and led to the rise of Darth Sidious and his rule over the galaxy. While we know much about this dark period in Star Wars lore, one question remains unanswered – how many Jedi survived Order 66?

How Many Clones Triggered Order 66?

Before delving into how many Jedi managed to survive this infamous command, let’s first consider how many clones actually followed through on it. At the time of its enactment, there were approximately 1 million clones serving in the GAR. Of these clones, around 75% were affected by the control chips planted in their brains that forced them to carry out Order 66. This means that around 750,000 clones actively carried out Order 66.

What Was The Mission Of The Clones?

The mission of these clones was to hunt down any and all Jedi that they encountered. In most cases, they weren’t expected to return alive if they failed in their mission. This explains why so few reports exist detailing which Jedi were killed or escaped during Order 66. As such, it’s difficult to get an accurate picture of exactly how many Jedi managed to survive the initial onslaught.

Did Any Famous Jedi Survive?

Some famous members of the Jedi Order are known to have survived the purge including Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda and Quinlan Vos among others. These three managed to evade capture thanks in large part to their cunning and resourcefulness in avoiding detection by Imperial forces. In addition, Ahsoka Tano is also known to have survived despite being absent from Revenge of the Sith – although her fate post-Order 66 is still largely unknown.

How Many Non-Famous Jedi Survived?

In terms of non-famous members of the order however, it is much harder to determine how many survived the initial massacre following Order 66’s implementation. Reports suggest that some may have gone into hiding while others fled offworld or sought refuge with sympathetic groups across galaxies. It is estimated that anywhere between a handful and a few thousand Jedi may have escaped death at this time – though this figure cannot be confirmed due to a lack of reliable sources available today.

Did Any Clone Troopers Refuse To Follow Through With The Command?

It is worth noting too that not all clone troopers followed through with carrying out Order 66 – some chose instead to disobey orders in favor of sparing innocent lives or preserving what remained of their loyalty towards their old comrades-in-arms. One notable example includes Captain Rex who removed his inhibitor chip prior to the command’s activation – thus allowing him to remain loyal towards his old friends even after its execution had taken place. Other reports include isolated incidents where single clone units refused commands from their superiors – although such occurrences were rare and ultimately could not alter its overall outcome on a larger scale.

Could The Jedi Have Foreseen The Possibility Of An Attack By Their Own Clone Soldiers?

The possibility of an attack by one’s own troops was something that had been speculated about for centuries before its eventual occurrence during Revenge of the Sith . Though some Jedis were aware of potential vulnerabilities within clone soldiers (such as Finn Ertay), very few actually thought it likely enough to plan ahead for such an event occurring – especially since no similar instances had occurred throughout galactic history up until then. It wasn’t until later when Palpatine made use of these weaknesses through Order 66 that such threats became more serious concerns for Jedis everywhere – making evacuation efforts all but futile against such an unexpected attack.

How Were Survivors Able To Remain Hidden From Detection?

As mentioned earlier, some survivors were able go into hiding either offworld or amongst sympathetic forces found scattered across different planets/star systems etc.. Others chose instead to stay behind on familiar worlds and establish small underground networks dedicated towards protecting each other from Imperial forces – whilst simultaneously keeping watch for any clues as to when further reinforcements might arrive for aiding their cause (which ultimately never came). Regardless as to which methods were used however, surviving Jedis had little choice but to keep themselves hidden from plain sight at all times if they wished to avoid detection from agents working for Palpatine’s regime (and subsequent punishments).

What Happened To Those Who Escaped Detection?

Those lucky enough not get caught during the initial massacre went on lead normal lives away from public attention– usually blending into everyday societies found across various star systems or even forming their own settlements/villages devoted entirely towards maintaining secrecy & isolationism from outside influences/forces etc.. However regardless as where they went or what methods they used for concealment, almost all survivors agreed upon one thing – they must never reveal themselves nor use their powers openly again unless absolutely necessary; thus ensuring both their continued survival as well as preservation of what remained left within them from days long past when peace ruled over chaotic warzones now spanning throughout space…


Though it is impossible for us today confirm exactly how many Jedis survived Order 66, estimates range from just a few dozen (or less) up until several thousands depending upon source material referenced – meaning only those closest those within circle would ever truly know who lived & who died during this dark period within Star Wars lore…

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