How heavy is Mjolnir?

How heavy is Mjolnir?

30 Sec Answer: The weight of Mjolnir, Thor’s Hammer, is unknown. It was described as being able to level mountains and crush the strongest steel but its exact mass remains a mystery.


Mjolnir has been a prominent feature in Marvel comic books since 1962 and has become a recognizable symbol for Marvel fans all over the world. Its wielder, Thor Odinson, is one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel universe, with his hammer capable of performing incredible feats such as crushing stone or throwing lightning. But just how heavy is this mythical weapon? While there have been some guesses as to its exact weight, it seems that no one really knows how much Mjolnir weighs. In this article, we will delve into what makes up Mjolnir, explore different theories on its weight, and discover why it is so hard to pin down an exact figure.

What is Mjolnir?

Mjolnir is a legendary hammer created by the Norse god Odin for his son Thor. This weapon was forged from Uru metal, which was said to be incredibly strong and light in weight. In addition to giving him superhuman strength, Mjolnir granted Thor several powers including flight, weather manipulation, and energy projection. Over the years, the hammer has appeared in many Marvel stories and comics and has been wielded by other characters such as Jane Foster, Beta Ray Bill, and Storm.

Why is the Weight of Mjolnir Unknown?

Despite being one of the most iconic symbols in superhero culture, there has never been any official answer as to how much Mjolnir weighs. There are a few possible reasons for this ambiguity: firstly, Uru metal is an extremely rare material and may not even exist in our world; secondly, if Uru metal does exist then it would likely possess properties beyond those found in regular metals which could affect its overall mass; finally, Mjolnir may simply be too difficult to measure due to its magical nature.

How Much Does Regular Steel Weigh?

To get an idea of how heavy Mjolnir might be we can look at regular steel weights. According to Engineering Toolbox website one cubic meter (1m3) of steel weighs 7800 kg or 17000 lbs – that’s around 12 tons! If we were to make an estimate based on these figures then we can assume that Mjolnir would weigh around 8-10 tons given its smaller size compared to 1m3 blocks of steel. However this estimate does not take into account the magical qualities of Uru metal which could affect the overall mass of Mjolnir significantly.

Could Mjolnir Be Lighter Than Steel?

Some theorists believe that Mjolnir could actually be lighter than regular steel due to its enchanted nature. For instance, when Thor used his hammer he was often seen flying high above Asgard despite his large body frame – suggesting that perhaps he had been carrying something lighter than regular steel with him during these scenes. Furthermore some sources suggest that Uru metal itself could be lightweight enough to float on water – implying that whatever makes up Mjolnir must be incredibly light in comparison to conventional metals like steel or iron. However these theories remain unproven as there is no definitive evidence either way as yet.

Could The Stones That Make Up The Handle Affect Its Weight?

Another factor which could potentially affect the weight of Mjolnir are the stones embedded in its handle which grant additional powers when triggered by Thor’s lightning attacks. These gems have been shown to have strange effects such as teleporting objects or creating force fields so it stands to reason that their magical energies may also influence the overall weight of Mjolnir – making it seem heavier or lighter depending on their position within the handle design. Unfortunately there is currently no information regarding this theory either so until further research is conducted we cannot know for certain whether these stones play a part in determining Mjolnir’s weight or not.

What Would Happen If Someone Tried To Lift It Without Permission?

While we may never know exactly how much Mjolnir weighs it should be noted that attempting to lift it without permission will likely result in dire consequences for anyone foolish enough to try – after all only those deemed worthy by Odin himself can hold this mystical weapon! So unless you’re willing to face Odin’s wrath don’t even think about trying your luck with this thunderous hammer!


In conclusion, while we may never know precisely how much Mjonlhir weighs due to its mysterious origin and construction materials it’s clear that this legendary weapon packs a huge punch and deserves respect regardless of its actual mass! Thanks for reading and remember don’t try lifting it without permission – you have been warned!

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