How does Hulk have a son?

How does Hulk have a son?

30 Sec Answer: The Hulk has a son named Skaar, who is the result of Bruce Banner being exposed to an Ancient Gamma Bomb while in the Savage Land and bonding with Caiera, a Warlord of Sakaar.


The incredible story of how the Marvel superhero Hulk came to have a son is something that many fans are still talking about today. Although it was never part of his origin story, this momentous event took place after decades of tales featuring the Jade Giant and shaped his future character development in ways that no one could have anticipated. In this article, we’ll explore how exactly the Hulk ended up with a son, what role Skaar plays in the Marvel universe, and what makes him so unique.

What is the Savage Land?

Before diving into how the Hulk got his son, we need to explain the significance of the Savage Land. This hidden paradise can be found in Antarctica and consists of lush forests and mountains surrounded by walls of ice. It’s populated by primitive tribes as well as some exotic creatures such as dinosaurs and giant lizards. It’s also home to some powerful energy sources, most notably an ancient gamma bomb which gives off radiation that affects those nearby. It’s this mysterious device which would ultimately bring about a major change in Bruce Banner’s life.

Bruce Banner Exposed To The Gamma Bomb

When Bruce Banner ventured into the Savage Land for research purposes he accidentally got too close to the gamma bomb and ended up getting exposed to its powerful energy source. As you can imagine, this had a profound effect on him, physically transforming him into the Incredible Hulk – but there were other changes occurring at a molecular level too which would lead to an even bigger shock down the line.

Meeting Caiera

Shortly after his transformation into the Hulk, Bruce encountered Caiera – a Warlord from Sakaar who had been transported to the Savage Land via magical means. Despite her intimidating size and strength, she was immediately taken with Bruce due to their shared experiences with regard to harnessing power from gamma radiation. The two quickly became fast friends and before long they developed feelings for each other and eventually decided to get married.

How Does Bruce & Caiera Have A Son?

Although Bruce had already been exposed to intense levels of gamma radiation prior to meeting Caiera, it turns out that she was able to amplify these effects through some sort of connection between them both; resulting in their mutual exposure to heightened levels of gamma radiation which caused significant physiological changes within their bodies leading directly towards conception – thus creating their son Skaar!

Who Is Skaar?

Skaar is an incredibly powerful mutant created from the union between Bruce and Caiera who inherits many attributes from both parents; including superhuman strength and endurance as well as shape-shifting abilities similar to those displayed by Bruce when he transforms into the Incredible Hulk! He also possesses some elemental control over Earth’s elements such as fire and lightning which make him even more formidable than his father!

What Role Does Skaar Play In The Marvel Universe?

After Skaar’s birth in 2006 he went on several adventures throughout various regions of space; developing an impressive reputation amongst alien races far greater than that held by any other humanoid being known in existence! He later returned home where he has become involved in many different stories alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes including Avengers; Defenders; X-Men etc all whilst becoming further integrated into his family unit consisting mainly of himself, his father (Bruce) & mother (Caiera).

Skaar Versus Other Hulks In Battle World

Skaar is not only stronger than his father but also proved himself worthy against numerous alternate versions of Hulk during Secret Wars II – proving just how strong & formidable he truly is! He fought alongside forces loyal to Doctor Doom against Maestro & his allied Hulks in order to protect Battleworld during its direst hour…eventually emerging victorious & gaining respect from not only Doctor Doom but also those whom opposed him previously!

Skaar Vs Red She-Hulk

Not content with simply protecting Battleworld; Skaar later sought out revenge upon Red She-Hulk for murdering Caiera & caused great destruction along her path until finally reaching her base where they engaged in one final showdown – ending with Red She-Hulk’s defeat thanks largely in part due to Skaar’s superior strength! This memorable battle showcased just how powerful Skaar really is & cemented his place amongst Earth’s Mightiest Heroes once again.

A New Life On Earth

Following his victory against Red She-Hulk; Skaar opted for a new start on Earth & began living among humans once more – though rather surprisingly didn’t stay put for too long as he soon joined an intergalactic team known as Code Red where he fought alongside Spider-Man; Wolverine & others against villains from across space & time! Whilst battling alongside these heroes gave Skaar invaluable experience; it was also here that he learnt about honourable warfare & developed deep bonds with those around him – growing ever closer towards becoming an adult hero like none seen before!

An Alliance With Thor

It wasn’t long before word spread throughout Asgard regarding Skaar’s heroic deeds & it soon attracted attention from none other than Thor himself who offered an alliance between them both should they ever meet! After travelling back down to Earth with Thor; Skaar discovered more about Norse Mythology which drew him closer towards understanding himself better – especially concerning why such immense power has been bestowed upon him. Despite being quite young at heart, Skaars’ fighting spirit makes him every bit worthy enough when going toe-to-toe against enemies much older than himself!

The Rise Of Omegex

Whilst on Earth; things began taking a turn for worse when nefarious entities emerged looking for revenge upon anyone associated with Tony Stark – particularly those sharing genetic similarities such as Artificial Intelligence “Omegex” who appeared determined to wreak havoc across multiple dimensions regardless if allies or foes stood in its way! Fortunately thanks again due largely in part due toSkarr’s courage& tenacity combined withthe helpofIron Man; Thor& other heroesfromacross multiple realms–Omegexwas ultimately defeatedinonefiery battlewith muchofits agendabeing left unfinishedalongsidecountlesslives being savedsimultaneouslydueinparttohimhavingbeenbytheirside intheirmost difficult hoursofneed!


And there you have it folks – a brief overview on how exactly did Hulk come to have a son named Skaar and what role does he play in Marvel Comics. It’s certainly an interesting tale full of unexpected twists and turns but perhaps most importantly it serves as yet another reminder on why we all love superheroes so much – because sometimes extraordinary people do extraordinary things for very ordinary reasons!

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