How did Wanda get her powers?

How did Wanda get her powers?

30 Sec Answer: Wanda Maximoff, a Marvel comic book character, is believed to have been granted her superpowers through exposure to the Mind Stone.

How did Wanda get her Powers?

The exact origins of Wanda Maximoff’s superhuman powers remain a mystery in Marvel Comics, though it has been theorized that they came from either genetic mutation or experimentation with cosmic energies. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, we see that she and her twin brother Pietro were both subjected to experiments involving the powerful Mind Stone. This article will explore these possibilities in more detail and offer some possible theories as to how Wanda got her powers.

The Genetic Mutation Theory

It is possible that Wanda and her brother’s superhuman abilities are the result of genetic mutations caused by their parents’ exposure to an unknown source of radiation. In this theory, it would not be the Mind Stone specifically responsible for granting them their abilities, but rather a random mutation triggered by the energy emitted by it. This could explain why both siblings ended up with similar powers – the same mutation was passed down from parent to child.

The Cosmic Energy Theory

Another possibility is that Wanda and Pietro gained their powers due to exposure to cosmic energies such as those emanating from the Mind Stone itself. We know from comics and movies that the Infinity Stones (of which the Mind Stone is one) possess immense power, capable of altering reality on a fundamental level. It stands to reason then, that prolonged exposure to such energies may grant humans superhuman abilities.

The Mutant Gene Theory

A third theory suggests that Wanda inherited a "mutant gene" from her parents, which allowed her body to absorb and manipulate cosmic energy in ways no normal human could. This gene would have likely been passed down from generations before her, possibly even all the way back to ancient times when people first began experimenting with the Infinity Stones. While this does not necessarily mean she was born with her powers, it does mean that she had a special predisposition for manipulating cosmic energy – making it much easier for her than it would be for most other people.

Experiments Performed by Strucker

We also know from Avengers: Age of Ultron that Wanda and Pietro were experimented upon by Baron von Strucker using technology powered by the Mind Stone. We can only speculate as to what exactly he was trying to do with his experiments; however, it seems likely that he was attempting to replicate and enhance existing mutant genes within his subjects in order to create super-soldiers with powerful abilities. Whether or not this ultimately succeeded remains unclear; however, it cannot be ruled out as a potential factor in how Wanda received her powers.

Possibility of Magic

In addition to science and technology, there is also the possibility that Wanda’s abilities were granted through magic instead – or at least enhanced by it. We know from Doctor Strange that there are many mystical forces at work in our universe; some even beyond our comprehension. It is entirely possible then, that whatever force gave Wanda her incredible powers originated from some kind of magical entity or being – whether intentional or accidental.

Connection Between Her & Vision

Finally, there is also a connection between Wanda and Vision – another artificial being created using technology powered by the Mind Stone – suggesting that they share some kind of bond based on their similar origins. Could this bond be related to their shared origin story somehow? Is it possible that Vision was designed with an innate understanding of how his own creation worked – thus granting him insight into how Wanda acquired her powers? Or could this connection go deeper still; perhaps hinting at something even more mysterious? Only time will tell…


Regardless of where they came from originally, one thing remains certain; Wanda Maximoff’s supernatural abilities have made her one of Earth’s mightiest heroes! She has become an integral part of The Avengers team since her introduction in 2015’s ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ and continues to be one of Marvel’s most popular characters today. As for how she got them? That may remain a mystery forever…

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