How did Deadpool get his name?

How did Deadpool get his name?

30 Sec Answer: Deadpool’s name was given to him by the evil mutant Weapon X when he joined their program. He was given the code-name “Deadpool” because of his tendency to break the fourth wall and make fun of himself and others around him.


It is no secret that Marvel Comics’ antihero, Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool, has become one of the most popular comic book characters in recent years. His unique blend of self-deprecating humor, outrageous antics, and a love for violence has made him an instant fan favorite. But what many fans may not know is the origin story behind Deadpool’s name. So how did Deadpool get his name?

Origin Story

The character of Wade Wilson first appeared in The New Mutants #98 in February 1991. However, it wasn’t until a few months later that he would gain his iconic moniker of “Deadpool”. This came about when he was chosen as part of an experimental group known as the Weapon X Program. While there, he underwent intense physical and psychological training and augmentation procedures which transformed him into a formidable fighting machine with enhanced healing abilities. As part of his transformation process, Weapon X gave him the codename “Deadpool” – a reference to his tendency to break the fourth wall and make jokes at his own expense.

The Meaning Behind It

So why exactly did they choose this name? Well, in literature, "dead pool" is often used to describe a type of gambling game where participants place bets on who will die next. In this sense, it can be seen as an allusion to Deadpool’s own mortality; something that is constantly tested throughout his adventures due to his accelerated healing factor. Additionally, it can also be interpreted as a comment on his penchant for dark humour; something that often finds its way into even the darkest moments of his stories.

Alternative Meanings

While the official explanation provided by Marvel remains the same, there are other possible interpretations behind Deadpool’s name too. Some have argued that “Deadpool” could actually be a portmanteau (or combination) of two words: “death” and “poll”. This theory suggests that it might refer to death being like a vote or opinion poll – something which nobody knows for sure but everyone guesses about anyway.

Other Explanations

On top of this, some fans have suggested that “Deadpool” could be an amalgamation of two characters from different universes: Deathstroke from DC Comics and Bullseye from Marvel comics – both renowned assassins whose names fit neatly together to form “Deadpool”. Others point out similarities between Deadpool’s costume and Spiderman’s black suit – another classic example of superhero cross-universe references!

A Play On Words?

Yet another possible explanation is that “Deadpool” could simply be a play on words; perhaps referring to someone who is dead inside (the "dead" part) but still alive on the outside (the "pool" part). After all, while we know little about Wade Wilson’s personal life before becoming Deadpool, we do know that he had gone through some very tough times which could have easily taken their toll on him emotionally.

History & Legacy

Since gaining notoriety back in 1991, Deadpool has grown exponentially in popularity over the years – becoming one of Marvel Comics’ most beloved characters in the process. Alongside this rise in fame comes speculation about how exactly he got his now infamous name. From being part of an experiment conducted by Weapon X to being referenced through cross-universe Easter eggs or playing on words – there are numerous explanations as to how Deadpool got his memorable monicker!


In conclusion, while we may never know for certain how Wade Wilson became "Deadpool", it is clear that whatever inspired the creators at Marvel has certainly left us with an unforgettable character who continues to captivate audiences today! Whether you believe it was part of a deadly experiment or just a clever play on words – one thing is for sure – thanks to his indestructible sense of humour and love for breaking down boundaries; Deadpool will continue to leave fans laughing for years to come!

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