Does Dr Strange remember Peter?

Does Dr Strange remember Peter?

30 Sec Answer: It is unclear if Dr. Strange remembers Peter as it has not been revealed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). However, there are various hints throughout the films that suggest that he does have some sort of connection to him.


The question of whether or not Dr. Stephen Strange remembers Peter Parker has been on many Marvel fans’ minds ever since the events of Avengers: Infinity War. In the movie, Doctor Strange comes to aid Spider-Man and his fellow heroes in their fight against Thanos but never speaks directly to Peter. This has led some viewers to speculate if Strange had any memory of their brief encounter before the battle began or if he was just another face in the crowd. While this may remain a mystery for now, we can take a look at all of the evidence available to us and try to draw our own conclusions.

Doctor Strange’s Interactions with Peter Parker

One of the most interesting clues pointing towards Doctor Strange having some sort of knowledge about Peter is how he interacts with him during Avengers: Infinity War. When Doctor Strange first appears on screen, he makes eye contact with Peter, who gives him a questioning look in response. While this could simply be interpreted as an acknowledgement between two strangers, there is something more meaningful about this exchange that suggests that Doctor Strange might remember him from a previous encounter.

In addition to this brief moment of interaction, there are also moments where Doctor Strange seems to make choices based on what would help Peter rather than anyone else around him. For example, when Iron Man asks for assistance taking down Thanos’ ship, Doctor Strange volunteers himself instead of someone else even though he clearly knows Tony Stark better than Peter Parker. Again, while this could simply be chalked up to Doctor Strange being kind or selfless, it could also indicate that he felt obligated or wanted to do something special for someone he remembered from before.

Is There Evidence That They Had Met Before?

Another major piece of evidence that suggests Doctor Strange remembers Peter is the fact that they did actually meet prior to Avengers: Infinity War. In Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange briefly appeared alongside other powerful magic users like Scarlet Witch and Vision in order to mediate the conflict between Captain America and Iron Man. During this meeting, he seemed to know who both Iron Man and Spider-Man were already and therefore must have known who Peter was as well. Since we know from Infinity War that he knew these characters by name again after five years had passed without any contact, it stands to reason that his knowledge was based off something more than simple deduction—namely his memory of them from before.

What About Other Sources?

Beyond what we can infer from watching Doctor Strange interact with Peter in the MCU movies themselves, there are several other sources which give us further clues about his relationship with Spider-Man. In comic books for instance, it has been revealed that the two actually shared a close friendship prior to the events of Avengers: Infinity War which would explain why Doctor Strange appears so invested in helping him out during the film. Additionally, an upcoming animated series called “Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends” will feature Dr.Strange playing a prominent role and thus provide us with more insight into their relationship outside of the movies as well.

Does Dr Strange Remember Peter? Conclusion

At this point in time, it is impossible to definitively answer whether or not Dr. Stephen Strange remembers Peter Parker due to the lack of concrete evidence available within the MCU itself. However, by looking closely at both Doctor Strange’s interactions with Spider-Man and additional material from comics and animation, we can certainly make an educated guess and come to our own conclusion about their connection. Ultimately though, only time will tell if Marvel ever decides to officially reveal what exactly happened between these two characters back before Infinity War began—until then however; we can still enjoy speculating!

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