Did Harry use the Resurrection Stone?

Did Harry use the Resurrection Stone?

30 Sec Answer: No, Harry Potter did not use the Resurrection Stone in any of the books or films. However, he was tempted to do so at the end of Deathly Hallows when he encountered Voldemort for a final battle.


It is an often-asked question: Did Harry Potter ever use the Resurrection Stone? The answer is both yes and no. On one hand, Harry had possession of the stone during his adventures and certainly could have used it; on the other hand, he never actually activated its power throughout the course of the story. To truly understand what happened with the stone and why Harry chose not to use it, it’s important to look back at its origin and how it factored into Harry’s journey.

Background Information

The Resurrection Stone first appeared in J.K. Rowling’s seventh and final novel of the series – Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. It was one of three legendary magical items known as the Deathly Hallows, which included the Elder Wand and Cloak of Invisibility. All three objects were powerful artifacts that could grant their user unimaginable power if all three were obtained together.

Origins of The Stone

The stone was originally created by Death himself as a gift for Antioch Peverell after he outwitted him in a riddle game. According to legend, anyone who possessed all three items would be invincible against death and would become “the master of death”. As time passed, the Stone was eventually broken up into two pieces before being acquired by Albus Dumbledore during his quest for the hallows in 1997. He kept one piece while giving away the other half to Severus Snape for safekeeping.

How Was It Used

Before it came into Harry’s possession, only one wizard had been able to successfully activate its power: Lord Voldemort. In 1996, Voldemort used a spell called Priori Incantatem to summon four dead horcruxes that contained parts of his soul back from beyond the veil (Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire). Though it wasn’t confirmed at the time, this feat could only have been accomplished through use of a powerful magical artifact like The Resurrection Stone – something Voldemort clearly had access to.

When Did Harry Possess It?

In 1998, following Dumbledore’s death at Malfoy Manor (Deathly Hallows), Harry inherited two pieces of The Resurrection Stone from Dumbledore’s will along with instructions to put them together once he found them both (involving searching both Hogwarts castle and Snape’s memories). After doing so he created a single powerful artifact that enabled him to communicate with people from beyond the grave. By talking with his loved ones who had passed on, Harry learned valuable lessons about courage and facing fears – though technically he hadn’t used it yet to revive someone back from beyond the grave.

What Does This Mean For Harry?

This means that while technically Harry had possession of The Resurrection Stone throughout much of his adventures, he never actively sought to use its power nor even considered doing so until his very last confrontation with Lord Voldemort at King’s Cross Station (Deathly Hallows). At this point however, despite being incredibly tempted by its potential power, he ultimately chose not to employ it because he knew deep down that using such dark magic would go against everything he believed in (love conquers all). Instead he decided to embrace mortality and accept whatever fate awaited him – something that proved immensely more rewarding in the end!


To sum things up: while Harry technically owned The Resurrection Stone throughout his journeys, he never actually used it – preferring instead to trust in love over dark magic during his darkest hour. This decision ultimately allowed him to overcome great odds and win back peace for all wizards everywhere!

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