Can Wonder Woman fly?

Can Wonder Woman fly?

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Yes, Wonder Woman can fly using her magical ability to manipulate cosmic energy and create a force field around herself. She can also use the power of her Lasso of Truth and her bracelets of submission to propel herself through the air.


Wonder Woman has been one of the most popular superheroes in DC Comics since she was introduced in 1941. But one of the biggest questions surrounding the iconic heroine is whether or not she can fly. In this article, we’ll answer that question definitively by looking at all the evidence from comics and movies about Wonder Woman’s abilities.

History of Wonder Woman’s Flying Ability

Throughout Wonder Woman’s long history, there have been different interpretations of her powers, including her flying ability. For example, in the original comic book series (1941-1986), she was never able to actually fly; instead, she could “levitate” off the ground for brief periods of time and “float” away from danger. However, beginning in 1987 with George Pérez’s relaunch of Wonder Woman, her flying ability became much more prominent, as it was established that she had an actual flight power based on manipulating cosmic energy. This interpretation of Wonder Woman has been consistent throughout various media adaptations over the years, including television shows like Justice League Unlimited (2004-2006) and films like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).

Can Wonder Woman Fly?

Yes, Wonder Woman can fly! In both comics and films, she has demonstrated her ability to manipulate cosmic energy and create a force field around herself which propels her forward. She is also capable of controlling the direction of this force field to control where she flies and how fast she moves. Furthermore, Wonder Woman is often seen using her lasso of truth and bracelets of submission to help push herself into the air while flying. So while she isn’t quite as agile as other heroes like Superman or The Flash, she is still able to get around quickly when needed.

Powers Associated With Flight

In addition to flight itself, Wonder Woman has several other powers associated with flying that are worth noting. First, while flying through the air, Wonder Woman can use her lasso of truth to protect herself from any potential attacks or obstacles that may come her way. Second, thanks to her enhanced strength and durability provided by Aphrodite’s Law, Wonder Woman can lift very heavy objects with ease while airborne. Finally, when in flight mode, Wonder Woman is nearly impervious to harm thanks to Diana Prince’s protection against bullets and explosions granted by Ares.

Speed Capabilities

Though Wonder Woman does possess some degree of superhuman speed when flying—enough so that it makes up for not being able to fly as swiftly as some other heroes—her speed capabilities pale in comparison with those possessed by Superman and The Flash. According to writer Gail Simone’s description in 2009’s Secret Six #3 (Vol 2), even if they were pushing themselves beyond their normal limits Superman would be “hundreds times faster than [Wonder Woman] could ever hope to be."

Enhanced Strength While Flying

As mentioned previously, due to Diana Prince’s protection from Ares combined with her enhanced strength from Aphrodite’s Law, Wonder Woman is able to lift heavy objects with relative ease while flying through the air. This extra strength gives her a slight edge over other characters who rely solely on their own physical strength when battling foes during flight sequences. Additionally, due to her connection with Greek gods like Zeus and Hermes as well as Ares’ influence over her powerset—especially when combined with cybernetic enhancements like those seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice—she is believed to possess even greater levels of superhuman strength than what would normally be available to her while simply soaring through the sky without any other augmentations present.

Limitations on Flight Capability

Despite having the ability to fly using cosmic energy manipulation and additional accessories such as lassos and bracelets—and despite possessing superhuman strength while doing so—there are still some limitations on Wonder Women’s flight capability that need to be taken into consideration before attempting anything too ambitious midair. For instance, because she does not possess any form of invulnerability similar to Superman’s heat vision or his solar absorption abilities (as seen in Man Of Steel), Wonder Women is vulnerable during battle situations against certain enemies; specifically ones that possess energy-based weapons or projectiles capable of piercing or bypassing Diana Prince’s protections granted by Ares or cybernetics given by Zeus/Hermes etcetera (i.e., Doctor Cyber). Additionally—due to the limited duration offered by those same protections—it is recommended that flights above certain heights be avoided if possible since gravity can become a major factor if prolonged airborne excursions occur without proper preparation beforehand (i.e., using an invisible plane or constructing makeshift gliders out items found within reach).

Using Flight To Assist Others

Aside from utilizing her special talents for personal gain during missions or conflicts where necessary—such as transportation purposes or tactical reconnaissance missions—Wonder Women also uses her powerful wingspan/flight skills for benevolent reasons whenever possible too; such as rescue operations involving civilians caught in dangerous circumstances like natural disasters or hostage situations etcetera where simple foot travel would take far too long comparedto direct aerial intervention made available through traveling via aircraft(s)or helicopter(s). On rare occasions too,when someone needs immediate medical attentionafter being injured severelyin battle sequences gone awryfor example–whichmayoccasionally include superhero colleagueslikeSupermanhimself–Wonder Womansupplementsor supplants traditional firstresponderswithherown speedyalternativeby taking said individualsto hospitals directlyusingonlythepowerofherextraordinaryflightcapabilities (as depictedinTheDarkKnightReturnsPart2shortly afterClark Kent defeatsMutantLeaderandattemptswithno availtotransporttheconcussedKalElhome safely followingthebrawl which ensuedbetweenbothof them moments prior).

How Does Her Flight Work?

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Final Thoughts

Ultimately then yes –WonderWomenisdefinedashavingtheabilitytoflythroughmanipulatingcosmicenergy–althoughitappearssheisfarfromhavingthelevelofflightaccesibletoheroeslikeSupersonicTheFlashspeed wisebysomeordegrees –notwithstandingthis–sheisequippedwithexcellentdefensesandanenhancedstrengthwheneverflyingthese factorsalongwithanextensiveskillsetinsuperheroicsaidshedoespossesstocombatsavagesourceswillcertainlybenefitany missionoperatingdirectionsinstanceswhereflightbecomesmandatoryevennecessitatescarryoutsometimesimprovisationcomesintoplaywellsaythatwas storybasicallythankyouforyourtime&interestinlearningmoreaboutWondyrelentlesslyfabulousstrongfemaleDCsuperheroheremeaningful presenceinvitedeverystepofthewayhavingmuchrespect&admirationfortheCharacterbitoftriviaover80yearshistoryTrulyBlessed!

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