Are Mario and Wario related?

Are Mario and Wario related?

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No, Mario and Wario are not related. While they have similar designs, there is no indication in any official canon that the two characters are related in any way.


The world of Nintendo’s iconic video games has given us countless lovable characters, many of which have become iconic pop culture figures. Of all these beloved faces, few can rival the impact of Mario and his mustached nemesis Wario. These two characters have both been central to Nintendo’s success over the decades and still remain popular today. But many fans have wondered whether or not these two rivals might actually be related in some way?

History of Mario & Wario

Mario was created by Japanese video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto and first appeared in the 1981 classic Donkey Kong. He quickly became a fan favorite due to his quirky yet relatable character design and wide variety of adventures. In 1990, Mario made the leap from arcade cabinets to home consoles with Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). The release was an instant success, further cementing Mario as one of gaming’s most recognizable icons.

Wario was introduced just five years later in 1995’s Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins for the Game Boy. Unlike Mario who wears a trademark red cap and blue overalls, Wario sports yellow clothing and a purple hat with an "M" logo. Many fans were surprised by the sudden appearance of such a mysterious new character and assumed that he must somehow be related to Mario himself.

Differences between them

Upon closer inspection however, it becomes clear that despite their similarities in appearance, there are several key differences between Mario and Wario which suggest that the two are not related at all. For starters, while both characters possess superhuman strength and agility, Wario is known for being much more mischievous than his heroic counterpart. He often uses his powers for selfish gain rather than helping others, something that would likely never occur to Mario.

In terms of backstory, there are also stark contrasts between the two characters. While nothing is known about Wario’s past beyond his relationship with Bowser (which may be adversarial or even friendly depending on the context), Mario comes from a large Italian-American family living in Brooklyn New York. This difference alone makes it highly unlikely that they could be related in any meaningful way.

Other Factors That Prove They Are Not Related

In addition to their physical attributes and backstories, there are other factors which make it almost certain that Wario and Mario are not related by blood or marriage:

  • Ages: Despite being close in age (with only five years separating them) Mario appears significantly older than Wario when compared side-by-side. As siblings typically age together this discrepancy suggests they cannot be brothers or sisters.

  • Family names: One of the biggest clues indicating their lack of relation is that neither character shares a last name with each other nor any other member of their respective families. If they were truly related then it would be logical to assume that at least one family would bear either the surname “Mario” or “Wario” but this is simply not the case within official canon sources.

  • Personalities: While both characters exhibit similar characteristics such as courage and loyalty to friends, their motivations differ greatly from one another. Whereas Mario seeks adventure and friendship above all else, Wario is primarily driven by money and greed which once again suggests that they cannot be biologically linked in any way.


    At this point it should be abundantly clear that despite their similar designs and backgrounds, Mario and Wario are not related whatsoever according to official canon sources. While this hasn’t stopped legions of fans from theorizing otherwise over the years, it remains true that we will likely never know how these two beloved rivals came into contact or why they share so many striking similarities – at least not until Nintendo decides to shed light on this long-running mystery!

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